Saturday, August 4, 2012

Human Nature Haul

As I have told you from a previous post, I am now using an organic facial wash which is the Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash.

I have faith in the formulation. And I believe in Human Nature's Advocacy: Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment. :)

Top three reasons why I want to try more of their products...
- They have a really good selection of skincare products for different skin types.
- They have super affordable products that won't hurt your skin and pocket.
- They help fund the development of sustainable livelihood for Filipino farming communities. 

As you enjoy your products, you help other people to have a better life. How cool can that be?

Given how I really liked that wash and how I want to support their advocacy, I went ahead and purchased some of their products online. 

Here's my haul...

Order came in two parcels

Parcel # 1
Parcel # 2

Everything that I got... :)
Now you might be wondering why my order came in two parcels when I only ordered a few items. Parcel # 1 came in two days earlier with the Purifying Scrub, Moisturizing Shampoo and Frequent Shopper Reward Card. Attached with the parcel is an invoice itemizing my delivered orders and the products that are yet to follow when its already available. 

Human Nature Balancing Face Toner (100ml), 99.75php

Got this to pair with my current Facial Wash. I wanted to see whether this is as good as the wash.  I am nearly out of my current toner, will replace it with this one. I have high hopes for this. We'll see! :)

Biodegradable, 100% Natural and Cruelty free


Human Nature Purifying Facial Scrub (50ml), 104.75php

According to their site, I can use this to alternate with my Balancing Facial Wash for a deeper clean. What's more amazing, the scrubs are made with real Strawberry seeds and Fine Bamboo Granules. I have not used any skin product with Strawberry in it and I'm eager to see what it can do to my skin. This product smells like sweet, sweet, sweet strawberries. 

Biodegradable, 100% Natural and Cruelty free


Human Nature Moisturizing Shampoo (50ml), 44.75php
& Moisturizing Conditioner (50ml), 49.75php
- Both in Lush Vanilla 

I have a really dry hair from treating it with chemicals. So any hair product that has moisturizing in its name, I am willing to try. That's how desperate I am now. haha I am also curious about the new Cream Foam Technology that this shampoo has. Will it beat my Dove experience? hmmm :)

Biodegradable, 100% Natural and Cruelty free


Frequent Shopper Reward Card

Wasn't expecting to have this card. It came with the parcel and I'm so gonna use this for my next purchases. Definitely looking forward to future purchases from this brand.

They must've gotten confused with my last name which is actually 'Cay' and not 'Sy'. :)

How it works!

Organic products are generally more expensive than the chemically processed ones but not Human Nature! Have you noticed the price point of the items in my haul? Aren't they affordable? If you are unsure whether you will like something, you can choose to buy them in smaller packs. 

Recycled but still re-usable boxes

I will be reusing these Human Nature boxes to keep various samples I get from different brands. I just love how they send the products in neat and sturdy boxes. They also fill the box with used papers so items will not shake when it is in transit. Very eco-friendly packaging!

I will be testing these products first and see if they are worth reviewing. ;)

Lovelies, have you tried organic skincare products?



  1. I love their boxes too. Sturdy and reusable. Hey, I ordered the toner and the vanilla conditioner too! Still waiting for it. Human Nature hair care products are amazing. :D

    1. Really? I can't wait to try them out. :)

  2. I'm definitely trying their hair products! thanks ms.anna, ngayon ko lang narinig tong Human Nature na ito! hehe.. :)