Friday, October 12, 2012

Clarins Defining Eye Lift

I recently bought something from Clarins and the SA was generous enough to give me some samples to try out. I am not so keen with product sampling. I usually disregard using them. But I have long wanted to try an eye cream and that's what she gave me. Of course, their newly released eye cream (not sure though if it really is that new! haha)

Samples, samples!

I was born with problematic dark circles and with extra baggage beneath my eyes. haha I don't know what to do with it! If I am to choose one product as a staple, that would be an undereye concealer. Suprise, surprise! hahaha

Actual product
PHOTO CREDITS: Clarins Website

I have only used this product for the 2nd night now. But this morning after my first try, I was so amused with the result. I awoke with less puffy eyes. yes the dark circles are still there but hey, the extra baggage was lessened. 
I can't say too much for it now. I will let you know. And if this works for me, this is a miracle eye cream as nothing have worked for my undereye area. haha


Skincare Routine

As promised, I will be sharing with you my updated skincare routine.

On my recent blog post, I have mentioned that I've been battling mild acne for over a year now. I have tried so many products but nothing really seems to work. I got frustrated I almost gave up.

Surprisingly, out of all the lines I have tried this one worked. I have not popped a single zit on my face except for my hairline once (which is strange, haha). And to mention, I am proud of myself for not shelling out too much moolah on this skincare regimen. I am already out of the mentality that 'the expensive ones prolly work better'. 

Here are the 3 products I swear by...

Flawless Erythromycin 2% Solution

I am guessing this toner is doing the miracle for my blemished skin. The dermatologist insisted that I keep using this Erythromycin Solution to keep my face zit-free. She told me this has antibacterial properties that clears and prevents the skin from breaking out. I use a cotton and gently wipe it on my face. 

Flawless White Plus Cream

Now, who doesn't want a brightened complexion? This aids in lightening your skin tone. With continued use, I noticed it brought back the glow to my face. I am not afraid to use this because the dermatologist told me this is mostly made of plant based extracts.

Has a nice consistency that is easy to apply.

Flawless Retinoic Acid + Hydroquinone

The combination of Retinoic Acid and Hydroquinone makes up a bleaching cream and an exfoliant. It lightens as it exfoliates. And don't get me wrong, the exfoliation part doesn't mean you have to undergo massive skin peeling. As my dermatologist told me, I will have micropeeling which is true. Mind you, this cream is for short-term use only. Just for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. You also have to remember to minimize exposure to sunlight and to use a sunblock.

Has a thick consistency. You have to blend immediately!

For my routine...

  • Erythromycin 2% Solution
  • White Plus Cream
  • Any Sunblock
  • Erythromycin 2% Solution
  • White Plus Cream
  • Retinoic Acid +Hydroquinone Cream

Just for your reference, I have an oily skin. And I have been using this for almost 2 months now.  Religiously, without hitting the sack with my makeup on! Never have I experienced any skin purging with this line (meaning, no breakouts that subside with continued use). And also, no massive skin peeling.

I don't recommend that you use these without consulting a dermatologist. You have to seek  a professional's help to know what suits your skin best. 

There you have it Lovelies! I hope this post helps. 


I will have a separate post for my at home face mask I have told you. And an eye cream that works to relieve my puffy eyes. ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bidding Goodbye

Today, I am bidding my car goodbye. 

Although, the buyer will just check my car out and see if he/she likes it (if not, another agent will still try to sell my car). Still, it feels odd. Really odd. I had my supposed-to-be last moments with my car (which I had for 4 years) this morning. I have to make sure I get all my stuff out before the potential inspection. It may not go home with me anymore today. I also took a picture of it as a remembrance so I am (half) ready for its adoption.

I am letting it go for good. For more parking space in our garage for a car that will surely come in the next few days (which is my Father's). I may or may not buy a new car which will depend on my father's decision. I can have one of our cars anyway. But it is different with this car. I really like it so much because I chose it for myself over something pricier my father wants for me. 

I just hope the new owner will love it as I did. 

After gathering all of my stuff from my car, I headed to our pond to recollect myself. We have a small pond surrounding our gazebo which is a home to some of the father's beloved Kois. They are so lively and always hungry. Looking at them, I feel relaxed. I feel less of the odd feeling I have. 

Now, I know why my father loves his Kois so much other than the belief that these brings luck and wealth to those who takes care of it. After work, this is where he stays. 

They grow rapidly and the big ones are almost the size of my legs. Well it may be because I have chicken legs. haha 

Lovelies, do you feel relaxed with the presence of your house pets? 


Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Think Pink, Mauve Outta Here & Sugar Plum Fairy

I was basically MIA for about a week with no post/update/whatever. I had too many ideas to write but no energy to do so. I was consumed by my UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which I know I deserve because I don't refrain from eating salty foods and I had no inkling to water. This resulted to a week of being absent from work. :(

I am always on the go when it comes to peeing. Had to drink A LOT of water to cleanse my body. I alternate my water with Coconut Water and Cranberry Juice as they say those were remedies too. Still, I have to strictly follow doctor's advice. 

Now I'm back with a post. I am an avid reader of My Lucid Intervals Blog and I saw Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy in one of Donna's post. Such a beautiful plumy lippie. I just had to try.  Got mine from an SM Department Store for 299php each. Well, I also got some other shades. ;)

Here you go...

L-R: Think Pink, Mauve Outta Here and Sugar Plum Fairy

Without the transparent cap
Label at the bottom of the tube

L-R: Think Pink, Mauve Outta Here and Sugar Plum Fairy


  • Color pay off is superb. Though a second coat is advisable to get the ideal opacity and for the true color to show. 
  • Wears for a long time. Stayed on for a good 4hrs on my lips regardless the activities i did like eating or drinking water.
  • Price point is really affordable!
  • Available locally at Watsons and SM Department Store sfor 299php each.


  • Lipstick Formulation is a bit drying so it may appear streaky on the first coat. Better put on lipbalm first before applying these lipsticks. Note to those with chapped lips: you may want to use a super moisturizing lipbalm prior to application. 
  • My Mauve Outta Here shade fell off the lipstick tube while I was swatching. Packaging a not super nice and sturdy.
  • You must carefully pull the transparent cover to prevent the cover from chipping the lipstick.

Overall, I give this lipstick a 4/5. :)

Today, I had a hard time taking swatch photos. Its is very gloomy outside. :(

This is our front lawn where I shoot some of recent swatches with green background. TIME: 7:30AM 

I usually get a lot of natural lighting here, but not today. :(

I take the photos specifically on this spot.

Have you tried the Wet n Wild Megalast lippies? If yes, what are your favorites?


Update on Healing my Skin

I had no issue with skin breakouts when I was in highschool and college. Just the occasional one bump brought by periods. And whenever I get one, it heals in 3 days (with no scars). So I thought I am lucky to have pass my puberty stage, acne-free. While friends my age dealt with skin problems, I was there enjoying a zit-free skin (not that I am boasting). And I was all too grateful for that. But then something changed when I got out of college. 

It started with a pimple on my left cheek. Then I think the neighboring right cheek got so jealous it had to produce its own pimple. So I had two. I started to freak out because never had I experienced having a pimple on my cheek (I get breakouts on my nose and ear area only in the past), and now I have them on both sides. I scrambled to look for some easy skin fix. Found some special pimple fighting facial wash but I guess my skin didn't like it. It broke out even more. Then I started to use spot treatments, it was of no help! It will heal the pimple but my skin will bear more pimples on other areas leaving nasty scars. I felt hopeless. 

Poured my time, effort and money on the search for a suitable skincare line. I have tried the Clinique 3-Step Line, Proactive and various expensive lines but my skin rebelled even more. I was searching for more than a year and now I think (crossed fingers), I have found my match. I am religiously using the products for almost 2months now and had minimum makeup when I go out. My skin stopped breaking out like crazy. And my scars are slowly fading. THANK YOU LORD! And thank you to my dermatologist. 

I will be writing a separate blog post for my updated skincare routine. And honestly, I didn't shell out that much money on this line from Flawless. I was TOTALLY suprised that the skincare products I needed to heal my skin can be found locally. I am excited to share this with you. And if you are experiencing an acne problem, I hope it'll help you. I have an oily skin just for reference. And I am using 3 products: Erythromycin 2% solution as toner, skin lightening cream and Retinoic Acid+Hydroquinone cream. I know Hydroquinone should only be used for short term treatments and soon I will stop using it as per Doctor's advice.

Let me show you what my bare skin looks like.

BEWARE: I have no makeup here. And yes I have super dark circles and puffy eyes. THESE PHOTOS WERE NOT EDITED! No flash, no lighting adjustments here.

Still with a few zits here and there & scars, but hey way to go.

This side had the worst breakouts and so far so good! :)

 PLUS an at home facial mask I swear by!

I had the worst time coping with acne so I know how it feels to scramble for the right skincare products. I hope I will be of help to you lovely ladies.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BIrthday Giveaway# 4 Winner

Hi Lovelies! 

I had a problem with Rafflecopter that scared the hell out of me yesterday. It doesn't want to pick a winner. There was simply no reaction for when I click the "Pick Winner" Button. It was like that the whole day. Then today, it dawned on me to open my Rafflecopter account in another gadget. So I picked the winner through my phone. Thank God! I thought the Giveaway might be a fail.

So, the lucky lady for my last birthday giveaway is...

Congratulations Ms. Franchesca Soleta!

You get three shades of Models Own Lipsticks.
Please send me an email with your shipping info. :)