Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup + GIVEAWAY

Hi Lovelies!

As promised, a review and giveaway about the newly raved Revlon Product. I contemplated  whether I should wait for this to be released locally but I figured that its already available from local online stores so why not, right? At least there's a way you can get your hands on them. I still don't know when is the local release.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup

220 Nude (for me, I'm an NC25-NC30)
& and 240 Natural Beige (for the giveaway, NC30-NC35)

Let's go straight ahead to the review! 

Packaging-wise, they've managed to make this foundation look like its from a high-end brand (housed in a hefty glass jar with a screw cap opening). 

Something similar to the Chanel packaging. Take a look...

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup vs. Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre (Natural Finishing Powder)

I think the Chanel tub is not made with glass (unlike this Revlon product), more of a translucent plastic tub. Give and take a few changes, and they're very similar. I can also say that the Revlon one is more hefty even from the large Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre. They did a good job with the packaging.

But one thing that made this not so hygienic is the dipping-your-fingers-in-the-jar thingy. This is associated with the accumulation of bacteria-causing-zits in the jar. Moreover, never dip your brush in the jar! haha Unless you have a very perfect skin that never breaks out easily. Lucky you! 

I suggest the use of a spatula to get some product out or if you're like me who's too lazy to grab a spatula, always make sure your fingers are clean before dipping them in.

Whipped Creme Product

The creme is airy and lightweight compared to the previous Colorstay Liquid Foundation. It may appear thicker than it really is because its not your typical runny liquid foundation hence the name whipped creme makeup. Much forgiving than the liquid variant: easier to blend, doesn't dry up as quickly and doesn't cake as much. 

Perfect for those with a skin type like mine, oily/combination including the normal skin. You can go as far as 2 applications (pea-sized amout) without looking cakey. I achieved a beautiful sheer coverage with the first application and a medium coverage on the second. Tried going as far as the third application but it already caked on me. For a daily basis, I prefer applying it once to achieve a sheer coverage and a demi-matte finish. 

Revlon says you can achieve a full coverage with this and I don't disagree with that! Yes you can but who wants a cakey looking foundation?

Those with dry skin can also use this but be careful on applying too much because it has a tendency to cake up on dehydrated skin. Be sure to use a very good moisturizer prior to application so you can also go as far as  two applications for a medium coverage. 

(1) Creme Product
(2) Slightly blended
(3) Well blended

The Colorstay liquid variant is more matte than this one. I don't agree with Revlon when they say this foundation gives a matte finish, I say more of a demi-matte. And totally not agree with the 24 hour wear, on me its 6hrs tops and I need to blot my face within the day. Besides, who would want to wear their foundation for a full 24hrs??? 

Comes in 16 shades. In choosing the right shade, be sure not to refer on how it looks in the jar! It appear waaaay lighter from the outside.

I bought mine for 550php from Cosmetic Alley on a preorder basis. But I didn't have to wait for a month to get my hands on them. Great service! :)

I give this foundation an overall rating of 4/5.

Now for the giveaway, I'm giving one of this in the shade 240 Natural Biege (perfect for an NC30-NC35). All you have to do is:
-Follow my blog. (mandatory)
-Like my Facebook account. (mandatory)
-Follow my Twitter account: MakeupSuite (mandatory)
-Follow my Instagram account: themakeupsuite
-Yes, everything is for FREE!

Giveaway is open till Sept 16, 2012 (12:01PM). Winner will be announced on the same day.

Lovelies, are you willing to try this raved product?


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  1. Of course I'd love to give this a try! Who wouldn't! :D

  2. I would love to try this foundie!!! :)
    looks very interesting. ^_^
    and im actually searching for a new foundation (not powder).

    ***im here again, haha! :)
    Im sorry i cant follow you on instragam, coz i dont have any.. :P

    thanks again for the 4U2 goodies.. ^_^ Godbless!

  3. I would really love to try this new foundation from Revlon, especially if it's for free! :))

    BTW, I would really like to commend the way you do cosmetic reviews. Very in-depth and all the essentials of the product that the readers would want to know is present. Great job, really. Congratulations and keep it up. :)

  4. I would love to try this for FREE ! :) I love liquid foundation and ive been using Revlon for a looong time now


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    Never tried them out yet :)

    Hmmmm nice review.


  6. Revlon is always a brand hit. I would love to try this one!

    Anyway, great review! XD


  7. Finally a review that's actually comprehensive about this product.
    I'm definitely joining because I'm really interested in trying this out but don't want to shell out so much in case it's a "fail" product for me.
    Hope I win this! :))


  8. Nice review! I really want to try this! Thanks for the giveaway! Followed you na sis and joined the giveaway! more power!

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  9. I would! I just checked Cosmetic Alley's page. I hope they have this at the malls to try to check out the shade. :) I'm still in a hunt for the perfect foundation for me. Since I have an oily-combination skin, I think this will be worth the try! :)

  10. i would really love to try this product ever since i watched itsjudytime's first impressions video on it. i've been meaning to buy this but i don't really know whats my shade. i hope i'll have a chance to try this.

  11. I am not really a fan of foundations, but I would love to try this one! =) It looks gorgeous!

  12. i really really love to try this newest foundation from revlon...thank you...

  13. Hi Ms.Ana! This is a nice review, I thought di to' foundation hehe.
    Mukang this is great for those who have oily skin. Yeah I would like to try this too and the Colorstay foundation :) Thanks for this giveaway too!

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  19. I've been looking for some good liquid foundation. I'd love to take this out for a spin. :)

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    Thanks for this giveaway! :)


  23. I've been seeing this from different beauty bloggers and unfortunately it's not locally available. Hopefu;;y through this giveaway, I'll have the chance to try this product and experience its wonders. :)


  24. Awesome review. Been looking for a review about this and have only seen about 3! I would love to try this one out! :)

  25. Great review! as usual your photos are prof.photographer quality. ;) And because natural beige is my exact revlon colorstay foundation color, i'd like to the chance to win! ^__^

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  32. I'm so fascinated by the texture, consistency, and coverage of this foundation. I wonder how it compares to my current HG, which is the liquid Revlon Colorstay in Buff. But this is Revlon so I know it won't disappoint. Too bad the shade you're giving away isn't for me. But it could match my mom. :) Please count me in for the giveaway! Thanks for this, Anna! :)

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  37. I'm a big fan of revlon colorstay,in fact I already consumed two bottles.. I would definitely love to try this! If I don't win I'll probably buy online,parang di ko ata mahintay na dumating dto coz I've ask the saleslady of revlon and always have the same answer"they don't know when will they arrive or tdi nila alam"

  38. Yes, I would love to! :)



  39. of course! <3 im a revlon fan but the liquid foundation haven't tried the creme type! hihi! and i'm using the same shade nat. beige! :)

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  42. Good review! Anyway, I've tried this and I'm truly satisfied with the product because it covers my imperfections perfectly!

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