Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Growing your Makeup Collection, the proper way!

As a makeup enthusiast, staring at my growing makeup collection makes me happy. That I sometimes forget they have a shelf life too! I know how hard it is to chuck some from your precious collection but just think how your skin will benefit from this. Expired makeup can make your skin break out. All your efforts (like sticking to a skincare routine, religiously removing your makeup before you hit the sack, following a proper diet and cleaning your makeup brushes) are useless if you neglect throwing what needs to be thrown. Do your skin good and it will be good to you!

One way of keeping track of expiration dates is by using a labeling sticker. I can't keep all the dates in my mind so I need to visually see them on the product itself. You can get labeling stickers from bookstores.

And how do you know if your makeup is already expired?
  • change in smell (presence of pungent smell or smells different from when you first opened it)
  • change in color (color may fade or darken from original color)
  • change in consistency or texture (it may thicken or dry)
  • presence of oil glaze on powders
If you have observed these changes in your makeup, then its time to bid them goodbye! 

Here are some expiration guidelines...
  • Creams (foundations, blushes, bronzers, highlighters & eyshadows): 18 months
  • Powders (foundations, blushes, bronzers & highlighters & eyeshadows): 2 years
  • Oil-free makeup: 1 year
  • Pencils (Eyeliners & Lippliners: 2 years
  • Concealer(Liquid or Cream): 12-18 months
  • Liquid/Gel Eyeliners: 3-6 months
  • Mascara: 3 months
  • Lipsticks: 2 years
  • Lip glosses: 18-24 months

Also keep in mind that the expiration dates are not exactly what is indicated on the product labels. They are usually longer than what is indicated but it depends on how frequently you use them or on how properly you store them. The more frequent you use them, the more likely bacterias will accumulate on them. And if you store them in the right room temperature and out of sunlight, the more you can prolong its shelf life. If you are that hygienic freak, well follow the indicated expiration date. ;)

If you don't want to chuck them right away, be diligent in cleaning them. Yes you can! I suggest using this...

For Powders (Photo from Beauty So Clean)

For Lipsticks (Photo from Beauty So Clean)

They have mists or wipes for different types of makeup.

Being on the practical side, you don't wanna buy too many mascaras because they are fastest to reach  buh-bye dates. Keep that in mind Lovelies! ;)

Lovelies, do you follow expiration dates to a "T"? 

Well, I sometimes do, sometimes don't. haha



  1. very helpfull thanks anna for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for this post.. ^_^
    I do not follow the expiration thing..haha! I sanitize my makeups with alcohol.. hehe..

  3. Aww I appreciate these tips sis. Will review expiration and arrange my collection again - separating those ones I barely use and the ones I mostly use plus those ones nearing expiration! :) BeautySoClean sounds interesting too!

  4. Hi there! This post is very informative thank you for sharing!