Monday, July 30, 2012

Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash


Before, I tried using washes that can remove all the oil on my skin. Thought it was the best way to deal with all the oil welling up. But I got the wrong notion! What I did just made it even worse for my skin. Stripping my face of its natural moisture will cause it to produce even more oil. :( 

Now, I have been using this facial wash, day and night for more than a month now. And I have been loving it ever since! I use this to remove everything on my face: makeup, oil & dirt. At nights,  I add a scrub to the routine to help my night cream absorb better to the skin.

Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash, 200php at Beauty Bar

Product Description at the back of the bottle

I love how this product is 98.5% natural. And the 1.5% left are not harmful chemicals. No parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde or other toxic substances found in other beauty products that can harm your skin with continued use. How good can this get! 

Closer look at the product

The green particles are scrubs (bamboo and luffa). I don't rub this vigorously on my skin because the scrubs can kind of get too abrasive. I lather gently. haha

Manufacturing and Expiration Date at the side of the bottle

Only downside with this facial wash is that it is biodegradable as most of its ingredients are organic. Not really a problem for me because I can finish a bottle in probably 2 months time. And expiration date is not till a year from the manufacturing date.

You can use this facial wash if you have an oily or combination skin(oily in some areas and dry on other parts). From the Human Nature website, I gathered this information on how to tell if you have an oily or combination skin.

You have OILY or COMBINATION skin when you experience at least three (3) of the signs below:
  • You wake up and your skin is shiny and slick around your nose
  • Your pores are visible (even on entire face)
  • After washing, your face looks shiny
  • Your skin is usually has a slippery texture
  • You find yourself using blotting papers or re-applying powder more than 2x a day
If you experience the above, you need to balance your skin to keep it clean and healthy!

Here are the significant Ingredients found in the facial wash that'll help combat your oily skin problems...
  • Nature’s blend of Manila Elemi, prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry
  • Marine extracts for shine-free, glowing skin. 
  • Infused with sugar beet and aloe vera to help replenish lost moisture  
  • Bamboo scrubs and loofah gently exfoliate clogged dirt and trapped oil.

"Did you know: Top luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs all use Manila Elemi from the sap of the pili tree. This prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry is found only in the Philippines!"

I am never going back to chemical soaps as long as I have this facial wash with me. I hope my skin takes a long time before getting used to it! I just love it and I already purchased a back up bottle. 

Bought my first bottle at Rustan's Supermarket and the second at Beauty Bar. You can also purchase this from the Human Nature Website: I also have to mention that their site is very informative. As consumers, let's do our part by being aware what goes in the products we use.

Lovelies, what's your facial wash?



  1. wow babalik na nga ko ulet sa landmark para bilhin yan..kasi nung una medyo doubtful pa ako kasi takot ako magtry ng bagong product. pero i'm always in the quest to know what's best for my oily about their toner na balancing din na try mo na ba ms.ana? thanks:)

    1. Just bought the toner online because I liked this wash Dear. Then I'm going to try their haircare products too! haha

  2. I want this for my oily skin, but it has scrubs. I don't like scrubbing my face daily. Might try the toner, though. Yeah, check out their hair care products! They work really well.

    1. Hi Aviva! Yes I will try their haircare products. Thanks! :)

  3. I'm actually using an organic facial wash from Krave, i dont know if you've heard of it..using it for a month now, like you, i wont be going back to chemical soaps/facial wash. Krave's Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash is more expensive though, PHP265 for 50ml bottle. :)

    1. Yes. I was sent that item before and I already ran out of it so this HN Balancing Wash replaced it. Didn't know where to order that one and saw this at Rustan's so I thought they're both organic so I tried it. haha Loved the almost jelly consistency of that wash. :)