Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Growing your Makeup Collection, the proper way!

As a makeup enthusiast, staring at my growing makeup collection makes me happy. That I sometimes forget they have a shelf life too! I know how hard it is to chuck some from your precious collection but just think how your skin will benefit from this. Expired makeup can make your skin break out. All your efforts (like sticking to a skincare routine, religiously removing your makeup before you hit the sack, following a proper diet and cleaning your makeup brushes) are useless if you neglect throwing what needs to be thrown. Do your skin good and it will be good to you!

One way of keeping track of expiration dates is by using a labeling sticker. I can't keep all the dates in my mind so I need to visually see them on the product itself. You can get labeling stickers from bookstores.

And how do you know if your makeup is already expired?
  • change in smell (presence of pungent smell or smells different from when you first opened it)
  • change in color (color may fade or darken from original color)
  • change in consistency or texture (it may thicken or dry)
  • presence of oil glaze on powders
If you have observed these changes in your makeup, then its time to bid them goodbye! 

Here are some expiration guidelines...
  • Creams (foundations, blushes, bronzers, highlighters & eyshadows): 18 months
  • Powders (foundations, blushes, bronzers & highlighters & eyeshadows): 2 years
  • Oil-free makeup: 1 year
  • Pencils (Eyeliners & Lippliners: 2 years
  • Concealer(Liquid or Cream): 12-18 months
  • Liquid/Gel Eyeliners: 3-6 months
  • Mascara: 3 months
  • Lipsticks: 2 years
  • Lip glosses: 18-24 months

Also keep in mind that the expiration dates are not exactly what is indicated on the product labels. They are usually longer than what is indicated but it depends on how frequently you use them or on how properly you store them. The more frequent you use them, the more likely bacterias will accumulate on them. And if you store them in the right room temperature and out of sunlight, the more you can prolong its shelf life. If you are that hygienic freak, well follow the indicated expiration date. ;)

If you don't want to chuck them right away, be diligent in cleaning them. Yes you can! I suggest using this...

For Powders (Photo from Beauty So Clean)

For Lipsticks (Photo from Beauty So Clean)

They have mists or wipes for different types of makeup.

Being on the practical side, you don't wanna buy too many mascaras because they are fastest to reach  buh-bye dates. Keep that in mind Lovelies! ;)

Lovelies, do you follow expiration dates to a "T"? 

Well, I sometimes do, sometimes don't. haha


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Month Mini Giveaways

Hurray for September because it's my birthday month! 

I have decided to do simultaneous giveaways within this month, please stay tuned for that. I was thinking of giving away everything in one contest but there will only be one winner if that'll be the case. Shouldn't it be 'the more winners, the merrier!'? 

Like my Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup post, each product will be presented in a short 'Review + Giveaway'. 

There will be 4 giveaways, one mini giveaway each week every Monday. I will be starting on the first Monday of the month, September 3, 2012. Announcement of winner will be included on the next blog post. Am I getting the message through? Sorry, if this is kind of confusing. hahaha

Here are the mini prizes at stake...

1st giveaway: Brazilet 
(Sept 3 2012, winner TBA on Sept 10)

Photo from Brazilets

2nd giveaway: 1 Small Black Z-Palette with Metal Stickers
(Sept 10 2012, winner TBA on Sept 17)

Photo from Z Palette

3rd giveaway: 4 Beauty UK lipsticks (Innocent, Candy, Naughty & Passion)
(Sept 17 2012, winner TBA on Sept 24)

4th giveaway: 3 Models Own Lipsticks (Annalise's Pink , Pink Hawaiian & Hot Pink)
(Sept 24 2012, winner TBA on October 1)

Please bear with the prizes. I am only getting started with my blog and have no sponsors yet except for my sister's shop Starmaine Cay. Will have a giveaway from Starmaine Cay soon! ;) So for those who want their products reviewed, I welcome them in my blog. I am open to all brands because I primarily don't believe all great products come from the high end brands. You've seen from my blog posts that the products I use are from different ranges. And now it came to my mind that I am also thinking of doing a Fashion related blog post for a clothing haul I have coming up. Teehee! 

I would also like to thank you lovely ladies for dropping by my blog every now and then. I read all your comments and get inspired by all of them. As you may know, I would love to work somewhere in the beauty blogging industry or beauty trade industry but due to no avail, I have to be a responsible daughter and family member. haha I am working in the family business as of now. 

I'm still very grateful to Him for my work. I know not everybody is given a chance to work with their family so I don't have the reason to complain. I am learning to love what I am doing for work.

This blog makes me sane in times I get bored with work. And its like hitting two birds with one stone, a blog that makes me sane and a blog that helps you find good beauty products. ;)

Giveaway will be moderated through Rafflecopter. And as usual, you just have to follow me on my social networking accounts to qualified to join. That easy! ;)

Enough of my rants and GOODLUCK Lovelies!


Monday, August 27, 2012

August Haul: Foundations

I am a very conservative type of makeup enthusiast. The farthest I'd go for color on an everyday basis would be bright blushes. I don't wear eyeshadow or even mascara to work (I do so only on special occasions). For my lips, I'd go for lip balm or balm stains. Plain Jane me! haha

Given that, what I usually have in my haul are those that perfect the skin or make it look polished rather than adding color to it. I LOVE to experiment with foundations! I know hauling foundations is not practical because I need to finish one in about 1-2yrs before they expire but that's just my preference. I'll splurge for a that polished look than bright looks. 

Well this month I have chanced upon 4 foundations. 

Here's my August Foundation Haul...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 2.0

One thing I can say, DON'T BUY THIS FOUNDATION! Well, I love the regular EL Double Wear Foundation. Suffice to say, it is my HG Long wearing Foundation with a medium to full coverage and a demi-matte finish. So I expected a lot from this one because it is from the same line. Unfortunately, it is nothing I imagined it to be. :( I have an oily skin and this just seeps into my fine lines and highlighted the super-micro-mini-nano-pico lines I have (see its good in your flaws stand out! what a nice foundation haha)! I can't imagine how much horrible it would look if I had a dry skin. Adding to that, it looks ashy on my face. I have to keep this in my stash and maybe some other time, find some love for it. haha

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in 220 Nude

Hands down to this foundie! I have a review for this and I won't tell more. Just read its awesomenesss in my review. I also have an ongoing giveaway for this one, join now! haha

Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation in 974
This by far is the perfect shade match of foundation for me. Super yellow-based. I will be reviewing it in one of my next blog posts. I am pretty sure I got the one for oily skin as the SA helped me pick out this foundation but its is a big NO for sebum control. Anyways, not much of a problem because I can powder that shiny face! Have to stopped babbling about this and will continue on the review itself. haha

MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation in NC20

From my recent blog post, you would know my HG EL Double Wear may soon meet its rival Long Wearing Foundation from MAC. Still not sure but in time will see... ;)

So that's it for my foundation haul. I ought to inlcude the other products I bought for this month of August but this will be one hell of a post If I will. haha I have so many things to write about but I am distracted by a game I am playing with my boyfriend. Hey, its not DOTA! hahaha 

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and let me know if you want a monthly haul post. Next month will be my birthday month so I think I will be doing a birthday haul and a series of mini giveaways each week of September! haha

As always, thank you so much for dropping by my blog even if you only scan through the photos and X your way out. hahahaha I truly understand because I am sometimes that way too when searching for reviews! But just so you know I allot time to write my post kasi nakakahiya naman to have 'puchu-puchu' post for the lovely ladies who visit my bloggeroo. hahaha

What have you been hauling most lately?



I don't have a stiff neck just because my photos were not straight, products tend to lean to the right side. haha

First day of Road Test: MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation

Hi Lovelies! Sorry for the lack of posts. haha

I really want to have something new up in my blog but I am having some issues with my camera. Well I use a DSLR (Canon EOS 5D MarkII which was gifted to me by my parents) to take photos for this blog. DISCLAIMER: I am not a pro photographer to be using a DSLR but that's what I have, okay? haha Recently, I think I may have tweaked the camera's setting too much and my photos became blurry. SOS! I need some pro help here. I want to  make use of my camera's features. If you know someone who conducts short course photography classes, please let me know (thanks in advance!). 

So lo and behold, I used the iSight of my laptop. haha  Excuse the messy hair, the mess on my bed and my peasant tank. XD I am about to sleep, just checking on some emails. I noticed my makeup still looks nice at the end of the day. Why not share what I used? And also, I am using a new foundation here. First day of the road test. I had this on for the whole day and it still looks good! What do you think?

PRIMER: Benefit Porefessional

FOUNDATION: MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation in NC20 set with Etude House Dr.Oil Solution Powder

CONCEALER: Diorskin Scuplt Lifting Smoothing Concealer in 001

BROWS: The Face Shop Face It Designing Cake Eyebrow in 2

EYES: Virginia Olsen Oracle Eyeshadow on the lids and blended out plus MAC Carbon Eyeshadow as liner on upper lash line

LASHES: No Mascara 

BLUSH: MAC Immortal Flower

LIPS: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart

Pa-cute picture of the day haha

What I really love about today's makeup is my foundation. I didn't even use my Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray for this and it lasted me for the whole day: church, movie, dinner and hang out. I just had to powder a bit. During inspection, I had no sign of makeup melting or whatsoever, truly Pro LongWear. Chose the NC20 shade even I'm  an NC25-NC30 because I'm acidic. Foundations usually oxidize on my skin. Do you think this is too stark white for me? Let me know. :)

Now do I choose this over my HG Longwearing Foundation which is the Estee Lauder Double Wear. Still not sure! But 'twas a great first day of road test. haha I say this one gives you a medium to full coverage and the finish is dewy on me. The Estee Lauder one is a demi-matte. It has quite a rival now. haha

I will let you know about this foundation soon! Will also put up a haul post for the things I got this month of August. Thought I bought nothing but when I looked at my stash, I mostly got new foundations to try out. Impulsive me!

Lovelies, what's your pick for a long wearing foundation? Would love to know yours. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup + GIVEAWAY

Hi Lovelies!

As promised, a review and giveaway about the newly raved Revlon Product. I contemplated  whether I should wait for this to be released locally but I figured that its already available from local online stores so why not, right? At least there's a way you can get your hands on them. I still don't know when is the local release.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup

220 Nude (for me, I'm an NC25-NC30)
& and 240 Natural Beige (for the giveaway, NC30-NC35)

Let's go straight ahead to the review! 

Packaging-wise, they've managed to make this foundation look like its from a high-end brand (housed in a hefty glass jar with a screw cap opening). 

Something similar to the Chanel packaging. Take a look...

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup vs. Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre (Natural Finishing Powder)

I think the Chanel tub is not made with glass (unlike this Revlon product), more of a translucent plastic tub. Give and take a few changes, and they're very similar. I can also say that the Revlon one is more hefty even from the large Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre. They did a good job with the packaging.

But one thing that made this not so hygienic is the dipping-your-fingers-in-the-jar thingy. This is associated with the accumulation of bacteria-causing-zits in the jar. Moreover, never dip your brush in the jar! haha Unless you have a very perfect skin that never breaks out easily. Lucky you! 

I suggest the use of a spatula to get some product out or if you're like me who's too lazy to grab a spatula, always make sure your fingers are clean before dipping them in.

Whipped Creme Product

The creme is airy and lightweight compared to the previous Colorstay Liquid Foundation. It may appear thicker than it really is because its not your typical runny liquid foundation hence the name whipped creme makeup. Much forgiving than the liquid variant: easier to blend, doesn't dry up as quickly and doesn't cake as much. 

Perfect for those with a skin type like mine, oily/combination including the normal skin. You can go as far as 2 applications (pea-sized amout) without looking cakey. I achieved a beautiful sheer coverage with the first application and a medium coverage on the second. Tried going as far as the third application but it already caked on me. For a daily basis, I prefer applying it once to achieve a sheer coverage and a demi-matte finish. 

Revlon says you can achieve a full coverage with this and I don't disagree with that! Yes you can but who wants a cakey looking foundation?

Those with dry skin can also use this but be careful on applying too much because it has a tendency to cake up on dehydrated skin. Be sure to use a very good moisturizer prior to application so you can also go as far as  two applications for a medium coverage. 

(1) Creme Product
(2) Slightly blended
(3) Well blended

The Colorstay liquid variant is more matte than this one. I don't agree with Revlon when they say this foundation gives a matte finish, I say more of a demi-matte. And totally not agree with the 24 hour wear, on me its 6hrs tops and I need to blot my face within the day. Besides, who would want to wear their foundation for a full 24hrs??? 

Comes in 16 shades. In choosing the right shade, be sure not to refer on how it looks in the jar! It appear waaaay lighter from the outside.

I bought mine for 550php from Cosmetic Alley on a preorder basis. But I didn't have to wait for a month to get my hands on them. Great service! :)

I give this foundation an overall rating of 4/5.

Now for the giveaway, I'm giving one of this in the shade 240 Natural Biege (perfect for an NC30-NC35). All you have to do is:
-Follow my blog. (mandatory)
-Like my Facebook account. (mandatory)
-Follow my Twitter account: MakeupSuite (mandatory)
-Follow my Instagram account: themakeupsuite
-Yes, everything is for FREE!

Giveaway is open till Sept 16, 2012 (12:01PM). Winner will be announced on the same day.

Lovelies, are you willing to try this raved product?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sugar Cakes by Ana's Kitchen

Have you heard of Sugar Cakes by Ana's Kitchen?

Have you tried their cupcakes?


My first time eating their cupcakes, I wasn't able to take a picture because I had to quickly devour them right out of the box. They were simply delectable! 

I have that sore feeling before biting into a cupcake, just because I don't want to expect. I might get that muffin-tasting cupcake. Most of the cupcakes we have here taste like muffins! o_o


Except for a few that I have tried like Cupcakes by Sonja, cupcakes from them are sweeter than the cupcakes from Ana's Kitchen. 

Prices are: 80php for their regular cupcakes, P320/box of 4 and P650/box of 9. You can save more by purchasing their boxes of 4 or 9. :)

My fave flavors are Trisha's Velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate and Banana Walnut. Wasn't able to take a photo of the Chocolate variant (I ate it before the cupcake shoot! haha). Best way to eat them is with a teaspoon (in my case I used my fave heart spoon! haha). You may also tear the cupcake liner but the icing is a bit runny so it may ooze out and make it messy for for you. 

And may I just add that I like how sturdy the pretty cupcake liner is. ;)

Here are two of my faves...

Trisha's Red Velvet Cupcakes

Look at that tiny heart! :)

Moist cake! Just the right density for cupcakes.

Banana Walnut

That lonely walnut on top needs some company! haha

Am I tasting some bit of walnut form the cake? Not sure. 

I like the simple yet dainty packaging!

Box of 9 cupcakes

These are the other flavors we got...

Sugar Cakes by Ana's Kitchen is a home based bakeshop in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. 

I browsed through the photos in their Facebook account and I can't wait to try the Red Velvet Cheesecake, Blue Velvet Cupcake and Tres Leches Cupcake. 

Shall I have them on my birthday? They have nice party packages.

For orders call (02)7254090 or send them an email at Check their Facebook & Twitter accounts. You can also visit them at the Gourmet Market at Eastwood Mall (Saturdays and Sundays) or at their kiosk at Ashcreek Center, Ortigas Avenue cor. Madison St., San Juan.

I might get some question on the cute heart shaped spoon, those are Heart Spoons from Alessi.

Lovelies, what's your favorite flavor of cupcakes? 


Friday, August 10, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

So from my recent post, I went ahead and purchased 6 Balm Stains from the newly launched Revlon lip product. They came out locally first day of August 2012.

Here are my picks...

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains
(L-R: 015 Cherish / Devotion, 025 Sweetheart / Valentine, 020 Lovesick / Passionnee, 040 Rendezvous / Rendez-Vous, 030 Smitten / Eprise, 045 Romantic / Romantique)

Since purchase, I have worn them all (of course, at different times! haha). And I can describe them in one word: SUPERB! 

How can I put this simply without downplaying it? I can say that they are lip balms that stain, that simple. But by also saying that, does not give them enough justice. Because what we probably know is that regular tinted lip balms (whatever the brand or shade) tend to be sheer. They also come off our lips easily. 


Like your regular lip balms, they moisturize the lips and gives it a healthy sheen. But again unlike your regular lip balm, these doesn't come off easily. They stain the lips and give you a longer wear. 

For 575php, you get 2.7g of product in a plastic tube, looks like a chubby crayon. You twist the bottom and more product comes out of the tube. This is a retractable type so no sharpener needed. But don't be deceived by the packaging because product contained when popped out is not even half the length of the tube. Surprising, right? 

All the product there is in one tube

Will I recommend? YES for normal lips or occasionally dry lips. Not for chapped lips.

You get what you pay for because the balm stain formulation (which Revlon claims to be a gel formula) is worth the raves and hypes it is getting (that is in my opinion). The lightweight balm glides smoothly on the lips while leaving a stain that will lasts for hours. Also has a pepperminty taste that comes off a few minutes after application.

Don't get me wrong, I only claimed the stain to last but the moisture will come off an hour or so based on what I experienced. I don't have super chapped lips  but they do get dry depending on the weather.  Most of the times, they are on the normal state, no chapped skin or whatever (sorry I know that was kind of gross haha). I think the moisture is just an aid so you can apply the stain easily without making them drier or more chapped.

Now if you have a problem with chapped lips, you may need to reapply this balm stain more frequently. Or better yet just get the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. They are more moisturizing but the color doesn't last long. The lip butters were once raved during their release. Both are amazing products but it depends on what you want more: lasting color (Balm Stain) or moisture (Lip Butter).

Side by side: Balm Stain & Lip Butter

From what I remember, they also released a Just Bitten Lip Stain+Balm before. But the stain and the balm are separated. You need to apply the stain first and then put the balm on. I get too lazy so I just pop the stain and neglect the balm. This made my lips very dry! With this product, one swipe will do! I think this newly released Balm Stain is an innovation of that. haha

Let's look at each shade...

015 Cherish / Devotion
A pale pink color that has a purple tone to it. Color will show perfectly on pale lips but will look purple rather than pink on pigmented lips. No shimmers.

025 Sweetheart / Valentine 
A vibrant pink color. Will be true to color on pale lips and will show as a dark pink on pigmented lips. No shimmers.

020 Lovesick / Passionnee
A fuchsia pink color. No problem on both pale and pigmented lips, will be true to color. Has tiny silver shimmers but will not show on lips.

040 Rendezvous / Rendez-Vous
A tangerine color. Will show as an orange on pale lips and red orange on pigmented lips. No shimmers.

030 Smitten / Eprise
A plum color. No problem on both pale and pigmented lips, will be true to color. No shimmers.

045 Romantic / Romantique
A dark red color that has a purple tone to it. Will show red on pale lips and a dark plumy red on pigmented lips. No shimmers.

(L-R: 015 Cherish / Devotion, 025 Sweetheart / Valentine, 020 Lovesick / Passionnee, 030 Smitten / Eprise, 045 Romantic / Romantique, 040 Rendezvous / Rendez-Vous)

From my picks, I think the Sweetheart, Lovesick ad Smitten are really worth buying. If you want to purchase these for a lower price, check out Cosmetic Alley.  I got two of the shades from them and 4 from a local Revlon Counter.

I would like to know which of the two raved products do you prefer: Balm Stain or Lip Butter?

This is what's up next...

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup


I apologize for the blurry photos. I tried adjusting the settings of my camera but to no avail, I just really can't figure it out by myself. I need to seek help from someone who knows how to put my camera on the right configuration for this kind of setting. :(