Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting back... to FITNESS!


I was MIA for more than a month now. How're you all doing? Been so busy lately. And every time I want to blog, something comes up! I'd rather do it than procrastinate. Then when I get home, I'm all too tired to take pictures and to write. :( I didn't think it would be this tough to blog! I missed blogging. I missed interacting with you through answering your comments. I honestly don't mind attending to your comments, giving my advice or opinion about different stuff. I should definitely reply to hanging ones later. 

Just to update you, I've been doing some workout lately. And that includes some running, lifting weights and mat exercises. I'm noticing some flabs here and there so I've decided to go back to working out. I am on the weight gain side but I want to do it correctly. Gaining muscle mass than fat mass! I don't do it everyday but I think I average 3-4days a week, morning or evening. If I wake up too early for office or I have an extra hour or two before I sleep, I do it. 

I bought new shoes and yoga mat to motivate me. ;) Here's my IG photo. Sorry for the low res photos as these were taken with my phone's camera.

Nike Free TR Fit 2 Women's Training Shoes and Nike Yoga Mat

I wanted to buy running shoes because I already have training ones. I liked this pair and asked the SA if  these are running shoes and he told me yes. FAIL! I figured later on that this pair is for training. :( Well, its lightweight and does the work so I'm using it. 

For my workout clothes, I suggest buying from Nike and Adidas. I am really petite so I its hard for me to find nice fitting workout clothes.

I really like Nike Sports Bras! I have it in different colors because they fit me so well and I can feel the support it gives. Its a plus that it doesn't restrain upper body movements. Choose the Dri-Fit Sports Bras. And Adidas for nice jogging pants or how do you call these? Jogging capris? Whatevs! haha Just get the Climacool ones.

Nike Jacket, Adidas Climacool jogging capris, Nike Free TR Fit 2 and Nike Yoga Mat

Don't get me wrong. I don't run with just my sports bra on! I put a jacket over it so I can easily sweat it all out. haha

That's it for my Fitness ramble. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be diligent enough to continue working out. More than getting fit, workout makes me more disciplined in a way. ;)

I need tips from you guys. Can you suggest a routine that will make the flabs on my arms go away? Its the hardest to get rid off. haha