Monday, July 30, 2012

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

As I have told you from previous blog posts, I am in a BB Cream phase right now. I am trying my best to stay away from foundations because I am healing my skin. And so far so good! Have not had a single breakout since I started to wear BB creams. Of course, I cannot tell that this is entirely the result of using BB's because I too have new skincare routine that I adhere to religiously (Retinol based skincare products). 

Tried various BB's and this one caught my attention. This BB Cream is from a brand that isn't as known as Etude House, The Face Shop or Skinfood in the Philippines. But its also a Korean brand, LIOELE Cosmetics which stands for LIfe Of ELegance Ease (crossed fingers, wishing the information are correct). 

Presenting my newfound BB love... hahaha

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream (50ml); 1,150php
At the back (can't read Korean!)

Been seeing this BB from Youtube Beauty Gurus and beauty bloggers. I thought I can only purchase them abroad. But from Facebook, I learned LIOELE has a Philippine distributor already. And they have an online shop unlike Etude House or The Face Shop. They're just starting out here so they have few physical shops as of now.

Comes in a plastic tube with a pump dispenser. I like this kind of packaging! Its not as messy as not having a pump to dispense the product out. You also don't have to carefully pump as it doesn't dispense so much or so little of the product.

Pump dispenser with plastic cap

On to the cream itself... It claims to whiten the skin and take care of wrinkles. I am not sure about this. I have not used it for a longer period (this is a review from my 2 weeks of using the product). What I have notice, it makes my skin look younger than it is. May be because of its dewy finish. 

It has a high SPF index so if you know you have to take pictures of yourself that day, skip this BB. Products with high SPF can make you look like a ghost in photos (specially the ones taken at night with not enough lighting and harsh flash exposure). 

Consistency wise, this is not thick or rather too runny. It is easy to blend and doesn't settle that much on my fine lines. I have an only skin but I did not encounter any problem with regards to retouching my makeup. I do have to blot 2-3 times the whole day. That is just fair enough considering BB creams don't have the capacity to control oil.

Another thing that makes me wanna use it everyday, its makes my skin feel really soft. At night after I remove the cream off my face with a wet makeup removing tissue, I can't stop touching my face. hahaha It feels smooth. I think highly of the hyaluronic acid and yogurt in the BB cream for this after effect. haha

Smells like a light perfume to me. Not too overpowering of a smell. 

Blending Test

(1) Dispensed sample
(2) Slightly blended sample
(3) Well blended sample

Coverage Test

Will try to cover the marking  with the Lioele BB Cream (star marking created with a liquid liner)

Slightly covered marking (Sheer to Medium Coverage)

Comparison with other Korean BB Creams

BB Creams from different Korean brands

Let's compare the swatches...

1 - Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

     SPF30 PA++
     (Universal Shade)
- Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream
     (Universal Shade)
3 - Lioele Water Drop BB Cream
     SPF27 PA++
     (Universal Shade)
4 - Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions BB Cream
     SPF50+ PA+++
     (Universal Shade)
5 - Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions BB Cream
     SPF25 PA++
     (Universal Shade)
6 - Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
     SPF30 PA++
     (Shade No.2)
7 - Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
     SPF50+ PA+++
     (Shade No.2 or W13)
8 - Tony Moly Baby Doll Foundation
     (Shade No.2)

From the swatch, you can see the Lioele Triple the Solution is in the middle rangle of shades. Its almost neutral but leans a tiny bit to the pinkier side if you'll take a closer look. I know we are all looking for something with the yellow undertone in it (speaking for Filipina girls with medium skin like mine). But don't get sucked into that notion! Sometimes, too much yellow undertone in a product can make as look gray, the opposite of being brightened (from a MAC makeup artist I have talked with). I didn't know that before!  Now, I safely pick the ones from the neutral range. haha

My least favorite from the BB creams above is the Tony Moly one. Their shading is way tooooo dark for my medium skin. Thats the middle shade they have! I mostly get the mid shade if an item has three shades. But isn't that Tony Moly one too dark for being the mid shade? Although, its the cheapest for 398php. I'll have to look further into the lightest shade and see if it fits me. 

So this wraps up my review for my BB love. haha

If you want to purchase this online:

What is your favorite BB cream?


Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash


Before, I tried using washes that can remove all the oil on my skin. Thought it was the best way to deal with all the oil welling up. But I got the wrong notion! What I did just made it even worse for my skin. Stripping my face of its natural moisture will cause it to produce even more oil. :( 

Now, I have been using this facial wash, day and night for more than a month now. And I have been loving it ever since! I use this to remove everything on my face: makeup, oil & dirt. At nights,  I add a scrub to the routine to help my night cream absorb better to the skin.

Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash, 200php at Beauty Bar

Product Description at the back of the bottle

I love how this product is 98.5% natural. And the 1.5% left are not harmful chemicals. No parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde or other toxic substances found in other beauty products that can harm your skin with continued use. How good can this get! 

Closer look at the product

The green particles are scrubs (bamboo and luffa). I don't rub this vigorously on my skin because the scrubs can kind of get too abrasive. I lather gently. haha

Manufacturing and Expiration Date at the side of the bottle

Only downside with this facial wash is that it is biodegradable as most of its ingredients are organic. Not really a problem for me because I can finish a bottle in probably 2 months time. And expiration date is not till a year from the manufacturing date.

You can use this facial wash if you have an oily or combination skin(oily in some areas and dry on other parts). From the Human Nature website, I gathered this information on how to tell if you have an oily or combination skin.

You have OILY or COMBINATION skin when you experience at least three (3) of the signs below:
  • You wake up and your skin is shiny and slick around your nose
  • Your pores are visible (even on entire face)
  • After washing, your face looks shiny
  • Your skin is usually has a slippery texture
  • You find yourself using blotting papers or re-applying powder more than 2x a day
If you experience the above, you need to balance your skin to keep it clean and healthy!

Here are the significant Ingredients found in the facial wash that'll help combat your oily skin problems...
  • Nature’s blend of Manila Elemi, prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry
  • Marine extracts for shine-free, glowing skin. 
  • Infused with sugar beet and aloe vera to help replenish lost moisture  
  • Bamboo scrubs and loofah gently exfoliate clogged dirt and trapped oil.

"Did you know: Top luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs all use Manila Elemi from the sap of the pili tree. This prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry is found only in the Philippines!"

I am never going back to chemical soaps as long as I have this facial wash with me. I hope my skin takes a long time before getting used to it! I just love it and I already purchased a back up bottle. 

Bought my first bottle at Rustan's Supermarket and the second at Beauty Bar. You can also purchase this from the Human Nature Website: I also have to mention that their site is very informative. As consumers, let's do our part by being aware what goes in the products we use.

Lovelies, what's your facial wash?


Friday, July 27, 2012

4U2 Dreamgirl Love Pink Haul

I know there a lot of cosmetic brands in Watsons. But I wasn't aware about 4U2. When I drop by, the counters that i usually check are that of Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline and Majolica Majorca. Sometimes Ever Bilena and Nichido too. I learned through MyLucidIntervals blog. Donna was raving about this BB Powder from the DreamGirl Love Pink line. I visited Watsons to get this raved powder.

Lovelight BB Powder PA++, 194php

Product Description
I didn't expect much from this one. Given its a powder that only costs 194pesos. Packaging is of course on the budget side but not too tacky looking. Nor does the compact parts open and close wobbly. Sturdy enough! The pink compact case has cute doodles of some sweets on it.  Inside is a small mirror and a small flimsy sponge. 

Now on to the product itself. I got No.1 which is the lightest shade of the 3 variants available. Find it quite odd for me to get the lightest shade because I'm not fair. But fair girls don't fret, the powder is forgiving and can easily blend into your skin. Medium and Morena girls rejoice because I think this is made for us! The shading best fits those with yellow undertones. Application is no hassle at all since powder glides smoothly. It can slightly even your skintone and cover light blemishes. Can also give you that natural looking finish and subtly reduces oil production. You do have to blot and retouch from time to time if you have an oily skin like mine. For dry skin, no problem at all. Smells like an ordinary powder would.

Coverage wise, it is at par with the Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder  Foundation. But I prefer this one. This looks more natural when applied. Maybe because its a BB Powder and not a foundation.


And because I am all too happy with this purchase, I went ahead and got myself some other products to explore from the line. 

Here's my haul...

Forever Liquid Foundation in No.1 Beige, 194php 
Nozzle Opening

A sheer coverage foundation that finishes off with a dewy effect. Packed in a squeeze tube and comes out from a nozzle. Compact and nice for keeping with you on travels. Great for an everyday foundation if you're on a tight budget but still want to look good for 194php. :) Though I'm not sure about the ingredients. I'm worried that it might break my skin out. Scent is that of a sunscreen. Comes in two shades. :)

Faith BB Cream (Universal Color), 184php
Nozzle Opening

I prefer the Lovelight BB Powder over this BB Cream, if I had to choose a BB. Claims to be universal in color, applicable for all skintones. Maybe because its too sheer to appear on the skin. This has no coverage at all!  Totally not worth buying even for its 184peso price. Plus it has a funky scent I can't explain.

L-R: Faith BB Cream and Forever Liquid Foundation

As you can see from the swatches, the Forever Liquid Foundation is lighter than the Faith BB Cream. 

Twilight Concealer (Universal Color)

Doe foot applicator

Another big NO! Tried applying on my dark circles and voila, nothing was covered. Just left an ashy cast under my eye. haha Didn't even bother to swatch it.

Twist and Shout Full Color Lipstick in No.2, 174php 
Twist and Shout Full Color Lipstick in No.3, 174php
Twist and Shout Full Color Lipstick in No.4, 174php

All these lipsticks have sheer coverage and satin finish. If you have pretty pigmented lips, you may want to skip these. These will definitely not show. If you have pale lips, these are just perfect to add a bit of color. I should also mention that these don't stay for long on your lips and has a fruity scent. Comes in 6 shades. :)

Lipstick Swatches (L-R: No.2, No.3 and No. 4)

So these are what caught my eye. You might be wondering why I haven't purchased any blusher or eyeshadow. They have a great selection that comes in individuals and palettes but I think I already have those shades on my vanity. And for the others like mascara, eyeliner, makeup remover,lip balm, eyebrow pencil; these stuff you can find from other local brands for a cheaper price. ;)

Over all, I am happy with the Lovelight BB Powder and the Forever Liquid Foundation.

I'll be giving away these Lovelight BB Powder in No.1 & a Dreamgirl Mirror to a lucky commenter on this post, at random. ;)
- Comment on this post to earn you an entry, 1 entry per person only.
-Follow my blog, its FREE! haha
- Giveaway is open till Aug 3, 2012; 11:59PM. Winner be announced on August 4, 2012.
- Open to Philippine Residents only (MM and Provincial). Free shipping.
- Winner will be generated through

Please bear with my photos as I am still configuring my camera. Got a new lens to work with. 


Wearing the Lovelight BB Powder and Forever Liquid Foundation. Guess you can't really see, photo was taken with my laptop's camera. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Favorite Red Lipsticks

Nothing looks classy than a red lipstick. The sophistication and elegance it brings is timeless. 

Here are my fave reds...

MAC Lipstick  Ruby Woo, $14.50
Who doesn't know this popular red lipstick from MAC? Raved and loved by many from blogs to Youtube. This is a blue-based red.

Beauty UK Lipstick in Naughty, 265php
Loving the minty taste of this lipstick. That's what first got me to try it on. This is an orangey red.

NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red, $24 or 1250php more less at Rustan's
FINISH: Semi Matte
PACKAGING: 2.5/5 (Sturdy yet easily gets dirty!)
This is a brown hued red.

Ever Bilena Lipstick in Love That Red, less than 200php?
You can never go wrong with this brown hued red from Ever Bilena for that dirty cheap price. That's a steal! And yes a matte lipstick from a Philippine local brand. ;)

And if there is a Fave from the Faves... Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in L'Exuberante, $32.50 or 1650php at Rustan's
PACKAGING: 5/5 (Not your usual packaging. Felt like an alien trying to open it when I first got it.)

Packaging is oozing with understated elegance!

I can't say how lux they feel. Sophistication to the finest level. This is a plumy red that feels velvety on the lips. 

Swatches of my faves...

L-R: MAC Ruby Woo, BeautyUK Naughty, NARS Jungle Red, Ever Bilena Love That Red & Chanel L'Exuberante
Now, I don't know why the Chanel lipstick looks hot pink on the photo. :(

Excuse my dirty brazilet, the blue ribbon tied on my wrist. It is a ribbon from Brazil that grants you 3 wishes. You tie it on your wrist and when it wears down naturally, your wishes will come true. I'll be doing a post and giveaway a new one for you lovelies. haha

Steps in rocking that Red Lipstick...

1) Prepare your lips! 

You want your lips to be all smooth and supple before putting on your lipstick. Go ahead and exfoliate first! 

Grab some brown sugar and olive oil, mix and rub on your puckers. Some use the toothbrush and petroleum jelly technique but I'm sure that doesn't taste good. haha Wipe off all that exfoliation and glide on some balm. Let your lips have some beauty rest for a few minutes. Give the balm some time to soak. 

If you're too lazy to concoct a homemade lip scrub, there are various lip scrubs in the market. Mine is the Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean. Boy how I love that sweet taste and scent! ;)
Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean, 1450php from Beauty Bar

2) Line your lips. 

Red lipsticks have the tendency to bleed. To prevent this, one popular technique is to line your lips and some also fills it in.

This is my go-to lip liner when I use red lipsticks.
NYX Lip Liner Pencil in 813 Plush Red, 90php from Starmaine Cay

3)Pick the right shade of red.

All skintones can wear red! You just have to find the right shade of red for you. You may want to consider your undertone when picking your perfect red: (1) cool undertones can sport the blue and pink hues of red and (2) warm undertones can play with orange and brown hues of red. Usually ones with blue undertones are those with fair complexion. And the ones with warm undertones have medium to dark complexion. 

If you haven't found the perfect red for you, blending shades of different lipsticks might just work. ;)

4) Tone down all other makeup.

You want your red lips to POP! Now go bare minimum on your makeup. Just defined eyes and lesser blush on the cheeks will go hand-in-hand for making your lips the focal point.

5) And lastly, CONFIDENCE is the key in wearing the classy red lipstick.

Red lipsticks when worn can be overpowering. You should have the right character and poise to flaunt it.

If you've done a not so good job in painting your lips, use a concealer to sharpen and clean the outline of your lips. This technique will also make your red lips pop. ;)

Now you're all set to ROCK those red lips. 

And you Lovelies, what's your fave red? 


Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.
-Gwyneth Paltrow

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Favorite Face Brushes

Makeup Brushes are truly an investment. Having nice makeup products but not applying them properly with the right tools is just the same as using crappy ones. You're not gonna make use of the product's full capability by doing that. Sometimes, the products also pick the right brushes that will apply them well. You just have to dig into it!

Get the quality ones! If you get them and take care of them like you should, your money goes a looooooooooooooong way.  They will last you years and will make application MUCH easier for you. Quality ones doesn't mean the expensive ones. There are also some out there from the drugstore that works better than the high end. ;)

Here are some of the ones I find worth investing on...

Sigma Flat Top Kabuki - F80, $16
I use this brush for foundation application. Before, I only use this to apply liquid foundations but then I went ahead and tried them on powder ones. It still applies evenly! This made me so happy. haha I feel like I can apply my foundation without looking at the mirror just by using this brush. Much to my adoration of this brush, I purchased another one because I don't like cleaning my brushes often. And of course, from time to time I switch to a different foundation. I don't like to use the same brush for I when I grab a different foundation. It just doesn't feel right (the OC me kicks in). haha

Sigma Round Top Kabuki - F82, $16
This has the same use for me, foundation application. Except that this doesn't work all the same for powder ones. Tried using this but it caked my powder foundation, its density might be the culprit. I grab on to this if my F80's are dirty or if I will apply my Estee Lauder Stay-in-Place Liquid Foundation. That full coverage foundation is super thick I need to use a denser brush to press it onto my skin better.

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki - F84, $16
Again for applying foundation. I feel like this brush allows me to manuever all over my face with ease compared to the flat top and round top variants. Thanks to the angled brush tip! You just have to check how even you applied your foundation. Because it is angled, it allows you to apply with varying pressure thus resulting to uneven application.

Here is a brush comparison of the 3 Sigma Synthetic Brushes...

T-B: Angled Top, Flat Top & Round Top
L-R: Flat Top, Rounnd Top & Angled Top
There's also this Tapered Kabuki Brush made from the same materials as these Brushes are but I didn't get it. Don't know where I can use it! See it for yourself and please tell me, haha

Yes, they're dirty! haha Didn't bother to wash them just for the sake of the shoot.  These brushes may be good but they're A PAIN TO WASH. Super dense brushes! That's the only downside. 

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush, $42
Made from 2 types of brush hair (synthetic and natural hair) hence the name duo fibre. When it first came out, many used it for the Stippling application technique. They say stippling your foundation will give you an airbrushed finish. Never used that technique since I'm always in a complete hurry on mornings. haha But I found a great use for this. When I encounter super pigmented blushes, I apply them with this brush because I can control how much I put on my face. For example, my NARS Powder Blush in Desire or NARS Gaiety. They are both super pigmented that when you try to apply them with an ordinary blush brush much like the MAC 129, you'll likely end up with a punched-on-the-face look. Get it? haha

MAC 129 Blush Brush, $34
This is your perfect blush brush! I have a fairly small face and yet this applies blush perfectly on my apples. Problem with other blush brushes is that they tend to go out of the area where you must apply the blush. Going over that area, it will make your cheeks look bigger.

Can you see those tiny dots on the metal thingy that connects the hair and the brush handle? Got those from washing and not wiping the steel part. They developed over time. Remember to squeeze the excess water form the hair and wipe the body clean after washing. :)

ELF Powder Brush, below 300php

I use this brush for applying setting powders. After applying my liquid foundation, I need to set it with a powder because I have such an oily skin. This brush is dense yet soft. Purchased two of this! :)

Mine shed some hair for the first time while washing them. But it'll stop on your second washing!

***sorry, I forgot to take an individual picture of this one! :D

Marionnaud No.32 Blush Brush, below 200php (perhaps, >.<)
A great brush for contouring the face!  I know the name suggests that its meant for applying blushes but I find that this applies my contour precisely and blends them in really well. I bought mine from Watson's for a fairly cheap price and it works wonders in toning down my pretty prominent jaws and cheekbones. Have two of this! Like the ELF one, you can also get this from Watsons. :)

THAT'S IT! Some other time, I'll post my fave eye brushes. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you soon on my future blog posts. haha



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