Sunday, September 2, 2012

Most Worn Things for Everyday + Birthday Giveaway #1

There are things you don't forget to bring EVERY SINGLE TIME you leave your house. Whether it'll be for work or just for errands. And if ever you leave anything from that list, you get this feeling you left a part of yourself in your house. haha I know this is also the part of me when I get OC over things. I just have to have them or else I feel incomplete. 

These are the things I don't forget to bring when I leave the house...

Watch: Ice Watch

This is my everyday watch. It is black, I can wear with almost anything. I have tiny wrists so the biggest size I can go for is the smallest Ice watch. Think this is a junior size. haha Boyfriend has a matching one in White. I always get teased by Tatay (Father) for wearing this watch because there are so many cheap imitations of this watch. And also because selling lux watches is included in the family business so you know what I mean. I just don't care, I love it! haha I can bang my hand anywhere without worrying it might break. haha

Earrings: Diamond Stud Earrings

Now I don't remove this from the ears. haha I think it already needs cleaning! I like this piece a lot because it looks so simple and elegant. This goes with everything I wear. Roughly 33 points each stud in White Gold setting. Sorry for the blurry photo! :)

Perfume/EDT: Benefit Ring My Bella

Was originally looking for the Stella McCartney Nude perfume but I can't find it everywhere. It is phased out in Rustan's or other fragrance bars I go to. 'Twas that time of the opening of the Benefit flagship store in Greenbelt, I found this one and it instantly 'somewhat' replaced my McCartney. 

Hair Tie: Goody Slide Proof Hair Ties
Photo credits:

This is the only hair tie that works for my hair. I mean, a hair tie that will not easily fall off whatever I do. So much for slideproof! I know price is pretty hefty for just a couple of hair ties but I promise these ones LAST. (Unless I forgot where I placed them which is usually the case XD) haha 

Bag: Balenciaga Giant City in Rosegold hardware

I just love this bag! The fact it is black, it goes along with almost any outfit I want to wear. It is the perfect size for me. Looks small from the picture but I was intimidated by this size at first because it might look too baggy for my petite frame. With this, I get to bring the all important stuff I need for everyday. I can even fit my iPad in here. haha If its not that heavy, I carry it with the top handle. And for when I stuff it so much, I carry by the shoulder straps. You can see that this is starting to wear out. The leather is crinkling more than the distressed Balenciaga look and the corners are getting scuffed. This is also very special because it is a gift from Inay (mother). 

Bracelet: Brazilet in blue color
It's the blue rugged looking tie on my wrist you see on swatch photos. Please fall off!!!
Lauren Conrad wearing a brazilet in orange.
Photo credits:
Yes, I wear that every day... every night too! haha I don't take it off because I'm waiting for it to naturally fall off! That is its purpose. It came all the way from Brazil and its going to make my 3 wishes come true ;). Silly me! It is said....

"Brazilets are worn by wrapping around the wrist and tying three knots for three wishes; when the material wears down and the Brazilets fall off naturally, it is believed that the three wishes will come true. Thanks for joining a 200-year-old Brazilian tradition by wearing your wishes and supporting ours.*"

"*a portion of the proceeds from brazilets is dedicated to saving the brazilian rainforests through the nature conservancy's"

It has been tied on my wrist for the past 6 months and I'm already growing impatient. haha Boyfriend has one too. Bought it from Lorraine Stanick, TheCurrentCustom in Youtube. She has a shop, Exit Art in Florida but you can also purchase through It retails 4pcs for $25 if I remembered it right. >.<

I'm going to give one away for you my beloved readers. 

Here's how to join...
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- Open for Philipine residents only, both Metro Manila and Provincial. 
- Will ship this to you for FREE. 

Lovelies, what are your most worn things? 

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  1. Ooh, so that's what's it for! BTW, I love Lauren Conrad! She's just GORGEOUS!!! Anyway... Hmm. My most worn things would have to be the ff.:

    * Glasses/contacts (I'm myopic with a 275-275 grade)
    * Bag from Prada (which my mom gifted me on my 18th birthday, I'm now 24)
    * Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense perfume (I get loads of compliments from this EDT! Even my eye doctor loves it. LOL)
    * Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (day and night face moisturizer)
    * Nivea lip balm. Yes, I wear lip balms on a daily basis (even when I'm home). I just can't get enough of the smooth, hydrated/moisturized feel it gives my lips!

  2. My most worn things are LIP BALM, SKIN79 BB CREAM..

  3. I love Lauren Conrad too! She looks sooo gorgeous in the pic, PLUS! with the Brazilet in orange. It matches hes skintone :)

    My most worn things are the ff:

    * my lucky charm bracelet from Davao (and I don't take it off, like even taking a shower! The Feng Shui expert told us that I should never take it off)
    * Bag from Mary Kay (got it from my Tita in Canada)
    * Garnier Light Complete
    * In2it brow powder (I can't go out without my shaded brows. hahah)
    * Earrings from Aizylym
    * Afficionado Perfume F68

  4. I love how minimalist you are with your accessories! Understated and elegant, but with a little touch of spunk, from that Brazilet. Is it okay to get it wet though, washing your hands, or showering, since you're not supposed to take it off? Thanks!

  5. Nice list! These are really the necessities for me too - can't live without a wrist watch, bag, cologne, and lip balm with me! :) I'd love to join this giveaway to support this Brazilet foundation! :)

  6. Wow such nice and expensive list..:) my most worn things would be the rosary like beads bracelet gift from my mom i can't go out w/o wearing this one it's my lucky charm and the most important one is my lip ice lip balm.:)

  7. that foundation looks good. I would try it out

  8. Bonga naman yan sis... =)

    My most worn things are carmex lipbalm and pearl earings..

  9. hmmm i wonder if that foundation will last on my oil slick face lol