Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neon on Neon Outfit

Print on Print is a fashion no-no before. But now, it has been trending. Coming up with a look using clothes of different prints is now acceptable! What about Neon on Neon? 

Today, one of my sister's gift for my birthday came in. Its a neon floral shorts with neon belt from the Trunk Show. Saw my sister's neon floral shorts in pink and I loved the color  for her and not for me. As I have told you in a recent blog post, I normally stick to the neutral palette. haha Asked her whether she feels comfortable in it and she answered yes. Tried her pair which is a bit big for me and I totally want to get it. I am picky when it comes to shorts because I have a very petite frame and wiry chicken legs. Most shorts don't flatter my body. But this high waisted pair looked decent on me!

And another thing why I'm not so decided to get this for myself is because I don't trust online shopping for clothes. I normally go to boutiques especially to Topshop because their stuff fit me best among other brands. They have clothes for petites! 

Well sister assured me the small size from Trunk Show will fit me as the medium fit her perfectly.

Impromptu fitting again in my sister's room. Well, I just came home from work. :)

Here are some shots...

Neon Floral Shorts in Yellow, 680php



Neon Sansa, 1200php


- White Shirt from MUJI
-Diamond Necklace, from our jewelry shop
-Brazilet in Blue
- Rolex Lady President Watch

So there you go... 

I highly recommend these shorts for petite girls like me who find it hard to get a decent one. The fabric feels nice for the price and it comes with a neon belt. I think its is available in yellow and pink.

And the Neon Sansa pair is my sister's. I wore it for the sake of the photos. haha If I will wear this out, I'd pick some flats. ;) But I have to say these shoes are lightweight and soled nicely. 

Both shorts and shoes are available from Trunk Show.

I am in no way affiliated with Trunk Show. I just think the items from this shop are worth writing a post for!


Oh yeah! haha


  1. Definitely a stunner shoes! Lovely!


  2. OMG!! love the shorts and shoes! very nice :D

  3. I enjoyed this post! Hehe witwiw! ang sexy mo Ms.Ana here! love it! haha ang cute ng last picture!
    Ganda ng shoes. Eye catching one! And the chair bongga! Simple yung outfit pero pinabongga ng shoes! I think you should post more OOTD's from now on!
    Pretty Thrifty