Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Models Own Lipsticks Review + Birthday Giveaway #4

Yes I know this post is late! I'm sorry. I was too absorbed by my two-day birthday leave (Saturday&Sunday). haha As you may know, I work 6 days a week Sunday-Friday for almost 10hrs a day. My only rest are Saturdays and my small birthday celebration fell on a Saturday. I should've had no rest this week but fortunately, my father didn't open our shop this Sunday, happy me. Come today, I have to renew my driver's license because it expired on my birthday. Which was a total fail because after having my medical done, LTO's server was already down. I have to wait till tomorrow. :(

Enough of my rants... I'm back! haha Hopefully, I can post more reviews for you lovely ladies. Honestly, I can post daily but I'm afraid my posts will be of non-sense stuff already. I want my posts to be always informative and not just my ramblings of usual what-nots! I don't wanna be wasting anyones time here on my blog. I want your visits to be full of happy thoughts and lemmings for good products. haha Is that bad? For the pocket, maybe. 

Let's proceed with the review...

Models Own Hyperbrite Lipsticks
(L-R: Annalise's Pink, Orangeade, Flaming Red, Pink Hawaiaan)

Swatch Time...

(L-R: Annalise's Pink, Orangeade, Flaming Red, Pink Hawaiaan)

  • Very creamy lipstick formulation paves way for an easy application.
  • Color payoff may vary depending on your desired opacity. Use it with a light hand for a flush of color and heavy to achieve the neon hues you want.
  • Smell is heavenly!!!
  • Packaging looks very classy yet UNIQUE. 

  • May not be for super chapped lips because the creamy formulation can seep into lip lines.
  • Will eventually fade after eating. Not so long lasting!
  • Available locally from online shops, click here to shop.

For my last Birthday Giveaway, I am giving away 3 shades of MO Hyperbrites to a lucky reader.

Here's how to join...
- Follow this blog. (mandatory)
- Like my Facebook page, The Makeup Suite(mandatory)
-Follow me on Twitter, MakeupSuite (mandatory)
- Follow me on Instagram, themakeupsuite
- Giveaway is open from Sept 24,2012 (12:01PM) till Oct 1, 2012 (12:01PM). Winner will be announced on Oct 1, 2012 (around late afternoon).
- Open for Philipine residents only, both Metro Manila and Provincial. 

- Will ship this to you for FREE. 

Ms. Anya Lagrosa

Please send me your info at makeupsuite@gmail.com

Before, I end this blog post, I wanna thank all of you who participated in my 4 mini giveaways. Because I really enjoy giveaways and sharing my stuff, I have decided to have a consistent monthly giveaway, "Commenter of the Month". Prizes will be announced at the first blog post of the specific month. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photo Credits to my sister Ann Charmaine Cay. 
She took all of the lovely product photos watermarked for my FB Online Shop. :)

(L-R: Annalise's Pink, Orangeade, Flaming Red, Pink Hawaiaan)


  1. I will try it!

    -NADINE DIAMANTE on rafflecopter

  2. wow! I'd really like to try Models Own Lipstick looks great for daily use :)

  3. wow! the shades are really pretty! thanks for sharing ^_~

  4. Yes, I would love try those. ;)

  5. Will definitely do! Love the shades!


  6. the shades are awesome. plus, it's available online :)

  7. Would probably try Model's Own Lipstick. I saw it first at MakeUp Suite and from the first time I saw it, I liked it already and want to try it, but it's too expensive for me. :( Hope to win this contest!

  8. Definitely, I would grab all the shades if it is more cheaper. :) Nice review Ms.Ana - Pretty Thrifty

  9. Yes, I'd definitely try these lipsticks because I loooooove bold lip colors!

  10. Pink Hawaiian and Orangeade! :)

  11. Hoping to win! Pick me please! hehehe :D


  12. I want! I want!


  13. I WOULD, DEFINITELY! These colors are vibrant and warm, so eye-catching! Amazing :)

    *fingers crossed :)

    Desire ♥

  14. OMG I won! Wow! So happy! Wasn't expecting it at all!
    Already sent my details to your e-mail, please do confirm if you've received it.
    Thank you so much! Hoping your birthday month is showered with grace!

    Love your blog! <3

  15. i love Models own!!! My favorite shade is Annalise's Pink! :D

  16. I have the red wine :) i would love to try other shades :D

  17. i would definitely!!! the Pink Hawaiian looks great! ♥♥♥

  18. I would definitely love to try those! :) I've tried model's own lipstick in coral and I loved it! :)

  19. i would love to try this model's own lipstick!! i love how colorful it is.. and it looks soo pigmented!! thanks for the giveaway girl! ;)


  20. yay! i really love to try the orangeade.. =)

  21. These shades are gorgeous! La-la-love Orangeade especially! :)

  22. i would dfntly wanna try this lipstick.. they are so bold! i love it!

  23. I love these! Would definitely try them! :)

  24. Gosh! I have been lusting over these lippies for a while now! After seeing your post, I want to buy like RIGHT NOW! LOL Looks like the pigment is gorgeous! I can't wait to try them out!

    I just followed your lovely blog, hope you can visit mine and maybe a follow back too? :) Thank you and more power to you!


    www.MusingsofaMakeupMaven.com (http://sabshernandez.blogspot.com)