Saturday, September 22, 2012

Only thank you's...

Thank You God for the 23years of bountiful blessings you bestowed upon me.

I cannot express how grateful I am of your love and compassion, within those years and the years to come. You are indeed the God of all whose unconditional love I have greatly felt. 

I thank you for surrounding me with beautiful people who tirelessly supports me whichever path I choose. Please bless them in return.

I pray for your continued guidance and blessing as without you I am nothing.

Love Your Child,

A photo back in 2009 when I was starting with makeup.

Happy World Gratitude Day to you Lovelies!
Thank you for visiting my blog. :D


  1. Very pretty Ana! :)
    I followed you. Saw your blog from BBU FB page.

  2. Happy birthday! May God bless you more, Anna! :)

  3. Happy Birthday dear! BTW, I just tagged you on my latest post.