Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Hair Treatments at Home

You know how salon hair treatments can cost you. They are expensive and your stylist tells you to atleast have your hair treated once a month. Hell, NO! I, myself, don't wanna spend that much on my hair except for when my hair badly needs it. For hair treatments, I believe you can do it by yourself provided it doesn't entail the use of harmful chemicals. Those that when left overtime, can cause serious damage to your hair like coloring, highlighting, perming and rebonding. I prefer buying over the counter hair products and do the treatments on my own, in the comfort of my home. This saves me A LOT!

I have tried various hair products from low end to high end brands. I prefer Kerastase Hair Products because they really work for me. But we all know their range can cost you an arm and a leg if you're on budget. After some time, I stopped using Kerastase products because I wanted to find something cheaper. And surprisingly, I have found two products to stick to that are super affordable. You may not believe me but I found both from Watsons. ;)

LORYS Professional Nutri Sun Gloss Hair Cream

Side View of the tub

Back View of the Tub

Tub with a crew cap opening

How it looks inside the tub

LORYS Professional Nutri Sun Gloss Hair Cream

"Cream has been developed for summer hair care, for extreme nourishing, moisturizing and sun protection. A nourishing formulation with NutriMel Hair, 100% vegetal active principle; restores hair structure through a protecting film to avoid aggression caused by the sun, or bathing in the sea or swimming pool."

Opal One Minute Treatment (Deep Repairing Variant)

Back of the tube


Opal One Minute Treatment (Deep Repairing)

"A 1 minute soft treatment contains NaPCA, Vitamin B5, amino acid and Silk Protein to moisturize, sooth and repair, adding strengths, texture and shine to your hair."

I use the LORYS Hair Cream once a week on my off day since I need to leave it for 15mins under a shower cap. Then the Opal One Minute Treatment twice a week to alternate with my daily conditioner since I need a quick fix on weekday mornings for work. 

Both are nice hair products but I think the LORYS Hair Cream is a more moisturizing one. I find that it makes my hair super soft, manageable and SHINY. Well both products have the same effect on my hair but the LORYS' effect lasts longer and my hair is still shiny at the end of the day. Though I don't recommend it for those with oily hair because it can make your hair look even oilier! With the Opal one, no problem. Both can be used for normal, dry or damaged hair. 

I say the LORYS Hair Cream smells more like a typical conditioner would and the OPAL One Minute Treatment has a muskier scent. Not that the smell bothers me! :)

You can purchase both at Watsons: LORYS Professional Nutri Sun Gloss Hair Cream 450g,  185php and Opal One Minute Treatment 225ml, 140php.

Lovelies, what are products do you use for hair treatments at home?



  1. We are both using Lorys hair treatment. And I must say, a bit contrasting effect on my hair. hehe It tends to make my hair thicker, I mean parang heavier yung feeling, siguro dahil sa moisturizing formula nya. And too bad, the scent does not stay long, even if I let it stay on my hair for almost 8 hours (deep conditioning). Well, yeah smoother ang hair with this. But I think it is still worth it naman since I got it on sale (129.00) hehe. Haven't tried the OPAL. I also heard a lot of good reviews about the Silk Secret that you can find on watson's too. I also have the Erth Origins and already reviewed it on my blog.
    Pretty Thrifty

  2. such a wonderful blog honey =)