Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Jumpsuit is another story!

I am in no way blessed with a good fashion sense. I prefer comfort over fashion. My boyfriend would even tell me how 'manang' I dress most of the time. Can't blame him though! I am aware I am one 'Plain Jane'. haha It is likely that you will see me in a shirt or tank top with my cuffed jeans. 

If my work only requires that I wear a uniform, I will obediently and willingly comply! That would save me from my morning dilemma of dressing up. But I co-manage a small jewelry store with my father and I am not required to wear uniform. :(

I am trying my best to put efforts in the way I dress and I have my highs & lows (mostly lows!). haha And yes I do select my own clothes and the way that I cheat is by looking at what the mannequins of the boutique wear, I am one copycat! haha I am also not a happy hippie person to try out clothes it fitting rooms. I just get easily tired of changing! So I always try to remember what size I am in a certain brand. When I see a cute top, I get it in my size without fitting it. But when it comes to jeans, I have to always use the fitting room. 

Just recently I passed by a Just G boutique and I saw a jumpsuit on their mannequin. The jumpsuit's fabric looks so soft and yet it looks so preppy on the dressform. But HELLO?! Me in a jumpsuit? Who am I fooling? The only thing that got me to try it is how soft the fabric looks. Gave it a try and I just love it. It feels really comfortable when worn. I wouldn't have thought I will feel comfortable in a jumpsuit. 

I like Just G with their trendy and girly clothes for a really affordable price. I think this jumpsuit only cost me 1200php. Fairly cheap for a nice and well-sewed jumpsuit!

When I got home, i fitted it once again and showed to my sister for some advice (yes, I seek help from my younger sister when it comes to dressing up). haha She said it looks fine on me, a little to baggy but would do. 

Sorry for the zombie look. Have not been sleeping so well lately! This is an impromptu shoot so excuse my minimal makeup look because I just came home from work and I don't wear makeup to work all the time. This is just one of my lazy days of just blush and lipstick!

Here is how I would style my jumpsuit... (it still feels awkward that I am doing a fashion post! XD)

Style #1

What I'm wearing: Just G jumpsuit, Forever21 sandals (gift from my sister), Ice watch, Diamond Stud (from our jewelry store), Diamond Necklace (from our jewelry store) and NYX Chic Red on my lips (from Starmaine Cay)

Style #1

Style #2

What I'm wearing: Just G Jumpsuit, Forever21 Sandals, Chanel purse, Diamond Stud (from our jewelry store), Diamond Necklace (from our jewelry store) and NYX Chic Red on my lips (from Starmaine Cay)

Style #2

There you go! This is a very non-pro fashion post. Forgive me lovely ladies! I highly welcome comments on how I could wear this jumpsuit better. I badly need help in this department. I do not wish to be Laureen Uy or Kryz Uy (fashion bloggers). I just wish I had better sense when in comes to fashion. My sister styled the second look so thanks Mhen.

And you Lovelies, would you wear a jumpsuit?


Minimal makeup: Just blush and lipstick!
This is my sister's room! :D


  1. Love it :) Looks so comfortable, haven't tried wearing a jump suit! Hehe di ko alam na ganon ka pala Ms. Anna. :) Oh yeah, love the hair too :)

  2. You look naturally beautiful, Anna! :) I love the jumpsuit youre wearing - super bagay! Also the black pumps - classic fave! Good job on the outfit!

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)