Monday, September 10, 2012

Z Palette Review + Birthday Giveaway #2

Sometimes you get sucked in a product because of its pretty packaging (that includes me!). Whether it be cute, dainty or feels luxurious, you just have to get it and include it in your collection. I know for sure that if it is Chanel or Dior or any high end brand, you will keep the packaging even if you've managed to hit the pan. You will never dare to depot it unless you're a MUA who badly needs to maximize traincase space. To mention, you paid so much for that packaging and that Chanel or Dior logo on that compact/bottle. 

The problem comes in when you have to travel. You can't bring a lot and you have to choose from your collection, which ones to bring and ones to leave. You are excused for bringing your nice compacts. But for things you can chuck out the packaging and save the product, there is a nice way of storing and organizing them in a compact palette. This means you can bring a variety of colors with you for when you're traveling.

I personally use the Z Palette...

My Large Zebra Print Z Palette containing Etude House Blushers

You can easily see what's inside. Thanks to the transparent cover.

Although I noticed the transparent acrylic cover gets translucent with use. And it gets easily scratched. :(

You can make it stand too! Though I don't know why you need to make it stand. haha

The magnetic bottom makes it easier to stick metal pans. No magnetic tape needed!
Back of the Large Zebra Print Z Palette

I depotted all of my Etude House Face Color Corsets and Lovely Cookie Blushers and placed it in a large zebra print Z Palette. This way I can bring all the blushers without the bulky packaging. It saves me A LOT of space and I can bring more stuff in my makeup bag! I have also tried melting lipsticks and placing them in metal pans so I can organize them in a Z Palette. This is a nice way of organizing and saving space. 

My small pink Z Palette with some of my lippies.

I can store a total of 16 lipsticks using metal pans from Z Palette too.

Again, it has a transparent cover.

Back of the Z Palette

As I have told you, I'm not a fan of lipsticks so I only have a few. And the ones I depotted were from NYX and BeautyUK. My sister is the complete opposite of me. She loves collecting lipsticks and here are some of her lipsticks in a large black Z Palette. Lippies are from NYX, Models Owns, Beauty UK and Lime Crime. By the way, she sells NYX and Lime Crime lippies on her online shop, Starmaine Cay

My Z Palette containing melted lipsticks from NYX, BeautyUK, Limecrime, etc.

Things I like about the Z Palette...

  • sturdy and keeps pressed powders intact
  • good for travels
  • has a magnetic bottom so no need for magnetic stickers
  • if you have a product placed in a plastic container, magnetic stickers are available
  • available in different sizes (small, large and PRO size)
  • comes in different prints 
  • and last but not the least, BIODEGRADABLE

In another post, I'm going to show you how I depotted some shadows, blushers and lipsticks. For sure, it will be one hell of a long post as I will be demonstrating it to you. haha

I have also found another palette similar to the Z Palette which is the UNI Palette. Personally, I like the UNI Palette's design better. It looks sleek! Big difference is that Z Palette is mostly made of hard board and plastic & the UNI one is all out plastic plus mirror. I would love to try the UNI Palette but given the Z Palette is Earth friendly, I can sacrifice the mirror from the UNI. ;)

Would you love to try the Z Palette?

Z Palette (Photo from Z Palette Website)

I am giving away one small black Z Palette to a lovely reader!

Here's how to join...
- Follow this blog. (mandatory)
- Like my Facebook page, The Makeup Suite(mandatory)
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- Giveaway is open from Sept 10,2012 (12:01PM) till Sept 17, 2012 (12:01PM). Winner will be announced on Sept 17, 2012 (around late afternoon).
- Open for Philipine residents only, both Metro Manila and Provincial. 

- Will ship this to you for FREE. 

Ms. Janice Marjo Nuevas 

Please send me your info at

Thank you for visiting my humble blog Lovelies! Stay tuned for the third giveaway next Monday.
And to my new blog followers, welcome to The Makeup Suite!


I accidently published my Birthday Giveaway#3 due to be posted on Sept 17 which is next Monday pa.  Currently editing it in advance. Kindly disregard. Sorry Lovelies! :)


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  2. I would definitely try this palette! I love how it can save space which is seriously one of my problems in collecting make ups. Traincases are too expensive for me so I really want to have this one. :)

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    Desire ♥

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