Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nail Extensions + RANT

I have been a nail biter since I was a kid. I never had long feminine nails just by growing them out on their own. So whenever I feel like so, I go to a salon for some nail extensions. Having tried both Acrylic and Gel Nail Extensions, I personally prefer the Gel ones. They look very shiny and sleek but the con about it is that if you have very short nails to put them on, they can chip easily. So if you want longer lasting ones, go for the Acrylics. Top off with gel polishes and no one's gonna notice the difference. Just make sure to have them removed after a month to give your nails a rest. Leaving them on for longer periods may cause something as bad as a nail rot in some cases (gross I know).

I have tried different nail salons and a few only offer nail extensions. From what I can remember, my first ever extensions were done in Tips n' Toes Greenbelt way, way back. I have also tried Beauty Bar's Dashing Diva. But recently I had my nails done in newlocation for me. These are my newly placed extensions...

Just this week, I had a horrible time finding a salon that would cater to my very short nails. I went to SM Megamall but apparently, my nail tech in Tips n' Toes was absent for the day. And I was refused extensions at Nail Spa Lounge within the same mall. I transferred to Mich Mich & Myl Nail Salon Ortigas, same thing happened. The nail techs there told me my nails were "too short" for the procedure. Imagine I had to get out of Megamall after being refused at Nail Spa Lounge just to go to Mich & Myl Ortigas branch (which isn't that far but...)! It was raining that night and I had a hard time finding a parking slot nearby only to be refused again. Story of my life!!!

I even told them that I have had them done in different salons so why the refusal. I was too tired to argue so I walked away. To cut the long story short, I was so PO-ed and I got back to my car, drove home and slept the night. 

The next day, I was able to book a session at Extraordinail Greenhills. Talking on the phone, I made sure they can do my nails and the receptionist told me, "there will be no problem with that because we use a nail form". I booked Acrylic Nail Extensions and XO Footspa with Gel Pedi for me. Then XO Footspa for my boyfriend.

We arrived and the nail tech checked my nails, "Ay oo nga maikli pero bakit daw di nila kayang gawin?" She was skeptical as to why I was refused because yes my nails are very short but its not the shortest she have encountered. They use a nail form which is a sticker they place at your nail tips to lay the building material on so my short nails are welcome. Baka daw tinatamad kasi gabi na ko pumunta! WHAT A REASON! Because she couldn't think of any other reason there should be other than 'tinatamad' and late booking. I mean they could've told me right away if I was too late! For sure in Nail Spa Lounge I am not late. I peeked inside and there were a few customers they're attending to.  The employees were even chatting at the reception area for customers. And at Mich & Myl, I arrived 8PM. They close at 10PM. I even called before going there. Just the look on their faces when I entered and told them I want some extensions. Its as if I blew their chance of an early out. HAHA Enough of the rants. This is a long shot, but if ever the owners of those salons can read this please check on your employees. You may be losing customers because of those 'reasons'.

You know Lovelies, I rarely complain and post such customer service. Most of the time, I know how to keep my mouth shut if I don't have nice things to say. But I want to commend Extraordinail. Their place is tiny but cozy. Great customer service too! I got to watch a move, The Age of Adaline while they do my mani and pedi. Here's a snap of my faux nails and feet.

Acryilic Extensions topped with Gelique Nail Color Coat and
my regular accessories, Goody Hair Tie and Watch

Gelique Nail Color Coat for my toes and
I'm wearing my Stuart Weitman Teezer Jelly Sandals

Vist them at Swire Elan Sites LG02 Annapolis Greenhills, San Juan. Or call (02)621-5249 to book. Please also check their Instagram Account, @extraordinail. IG spot some celebrities who loves Extraordinail too!

Snapping a photo while waiting in line for my coffee >.<

That's it Lovelies! I'm sorry for the long rant but I felt that I needed to post them. Customer Service should be given emphasis on!

Lovelies, have you had a bad experience at a nail salon? 


PS  I can only speak for the Nail Extensions service that Nail Spa Lounge and Mich & Myl Salon offer.

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