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My Dogs, My Lifetime Commitment

I really don't know how to start this random blog post...

But I have to say... I LOVE MY DOGS! (I think that's an understatement >.< )

Our first Christmas photoshoot and I look so washed out here >.<
As of the moment, I have deux chiennes adorables! Both are of the same breed, Dixie & Leigh. I can say that Dixie is the typical Pomeranian with the tiniest bark and ever changing temperament. She can't stay on a spot for long for she HAS to move her cheeky butt. You have to put her on a leash for walks. HAHA And Leigh is the total opposite! I am confused if she's really a dog or a cat furrreals. I mean it! She has the personality of a cat and I'm not exaggerating the least. She loves to lounge and follow me wherever I go. Whenever I bring her out, I don't need to put her on a leash because she literally follows me wherever I go. I didn't train her for that though!

Dogs are the cutest creatures during their puppy stages but the real deal kicks in when they get older. They are a lifetime commitment. You have to be prepared emotionally and financially to be able to give them what they deserve. Such as...

FOOD. Selecting the best dog food is something we should do for our dogs since they can't read the labels themselves. I go to Bow & Wow Eastwood to buy their dog food. I prefer giving them organic, grain-free and high-quality protein kibbles. They shouldn't contain preservatives, artificial coloring, by-products and bulk fillers. I alternate Merrick, Halo and Science Diet. By the way, Merrick and Halo can be bought at Bow&Wow but Science Diet in any dog supplies store.

BATH. My dogs bathe twice a week. I prefer the brand Bearing both for their shampoo and conditioner plus some pet cologne. They also get their professional grooming every 2-3months to avoid their fur tangling. 

My favorite brand of pet Pawfume! 
HELP!  - Dixie

BED. At night after feeding and poop time, they get a 'sponge bath'. Snouts are wiped, bodies cleaned with a towel and paws are washed. They sleep inside my bedroom so to avoid developing 'dogs in the house' kind of  smell, we have to make sure they're always clean. 

This is one of my dog's crib that I custom designed for her.
This chubby one sleeps with me on my bed while I design her future crib.
CLOTHES. Of course this is optional, but how can you resist those doggy OOTD's. I occasionally  check Arf Arf Love on Instagram for some cute outfits. And you can find cute ones from the counters of Dogs And The City and Pet Express. Check out this collage of my dogs' OOTDs. 

Leigh doesn't mind being dressed up but tomboyish Dixie hates putting on clothes

PLAYTIME. I give them toys and treats during playtime. I use a particular 'Treat Time' chime to get there attention and oh boy do they jump for joy. On some days, we play inside my room or inside the house. But on nicer days, we play by our front yard. When I've got free time, I bring them to doggie parks. Eastwood Libis is the nearest pet-friendly place I bring them to. They even got personal ID's so they can enter the mall. All you need is to present your dog's Vaccination Record with valid Anti-Rabies shot to date.

Last year just when Eastwood started their Pet Pass Policy

Renewed Pet Passes for this year. 

I use EZY Dog Harness and a Flexi Retractable Leash on Dixie because she tends to stray when distracted. While for Leigh, I don't find any need to use one. She just follows me wherever I go! haha I also let them wear shoes but I just get the generic ones from pet stores because its very difficult to find a trusty one here in the Philippines.

EZYDOG Harness and Flexi Retractable

When giving them toys, beware of the kinds that easily break. It may present a hazard to your dogs when ingested. I prefer rubber toys that also serves as teeth cleaners. I tried giving one of them a stuffed toy dog but it was 'murdered' in months. I still keep it as a memorabilia though. 

And when giving treats, give sparingly. Try to alternate different doggie treats. I use Beggin' Strips (there are variants for small and big breeds), Royal Canin Energy Treats and Jerhigh Dog Chews. Never buy from an unknown brand especially those generic ones repacked and mostly imported from China. 

HEALTH. I personally recommend Vets In Practice Animal Hospital. As of now, they have six branches and one soon to open in Pampanga. I can't stress enough how particular I am with my dogs' health. I bring them in every vaccination appointment and some untoward incidents. And with VIP Katipunan & Mandaluyong, you will have nothing to worry about. They have complete laboratory equipments so they can do an on-the-spot examination of your beloved pets. Although Katipunan branch is only open Mondays-Sundays 9AM to 7PM, Mandaluyong branch accepts emergency cases 10PM onwards (but of course they will charge you accordingly). 

I remembered bringing my 4year old Pomeranian past 11PM because she jumped out of my sister's arms and fell head first on the floor. I didn't see what exactly happened but based from my sister's story, she had a mild seizure (common with head trauma). Leigh, my dog was walking fine and nothing's really unusual after the fall but I rushed her to VIP Mandaluyong for thorough checking. I was afraid that there might be some brain swelling or something. She was given steroids for the inflammation. All's fine and back to normal now.

Two doctors who frequently attends to my dogs are Doc Dexter and Doc Siday.  

Lovelies, as I've said dogs are a lifetime commitment. Before you get one, make sure you'll have time for them. Not only being able to provide their basic needs but giving them the tender loving care they deserve. I lost two Labrador Retrievers (Sandy and Sander) to Heartworm Disease and Pyometra. I learned to care for my dogs the hard way. And let me tell you, it was never easy to let go of them.

See I got them their 'forever' places in the my room as there is a place for them in the Rainbow Bridge. I dedicate this post to them!

Sander & Sandy, we miss you SOOOO much! Gone but never forgotten. 


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