Friday, October 12, 2012

Skincare Routine

As promised, I will be sharing with you my updated skincare routine.

On my recent blog post, I have mentioned that I've been battling mild acne for over a year now. I have tried so many products but nothing really seems to work. I got frustrated I almost gave up.

Surprisingly, out of all the lines I have tried this one worked. I have not popped a single zit on my face except for my hairline once (which is strange, haha). And to mention, I am proud of myself for not shelling out too much moolah on this skincare regimen. I am already out of the mentality that 'the expensive ones prolly work better'. 

Here are the 3 products I swear by...

Flawless Erythromycin 2% Solution

I am guessing this toner is doing the miracle for my blemished skin. The dermatologist insisted that I keep using this Erythromycin Solution to keep my face zit-free. She told me this has antibacterial properties that clears and prevents the skin from breaking out. I use a cotton and gently wipe it on my face. 

Flawless White Plus Cream

Now, who doesn't want a brightened complexion? This aids in lightening your skin tone. With continued use, I noticed it brought back the glow to my face. I am not afraid to use this because the dermatologist told me this is mostly made of plant based extracts.

Has a nice consistency that is easy to apply.

Flawless Retinoic Acid + Hydroquinone

The combination of Retinoic Acid and Hydroquinone makes up a bleaching cream and an exfoliant. It lightens as it exfoliates. And don't get me wrong, the exfoliation part doesn't mean you have to undergo massive skin peeling. As my dermatologist told me, I will have micropeeling which is true. Mind you, this cream is for short-term use only. Just for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. You also have to remember to minimize exposure to sunlight and to use a sunblock.

Has a thick consistency. You have to blend immediately!

For my routine...

  • Erythromycin 2% Solution
  • White Plus Cream
  • Any Sunblock
  • Erythromycin 2% Solution
  • White Plus Cream
  • Retinoic Acid +Hydroquinone Cream

Just for your reference, I have an oily skin. And I have been using this for almost 2 months now.  Religiously, without hitting the sack with my makeup on! Never have I experienced any skin purging with this line (meaning, no breakouts that subside with continued use). And also, no massive skin peeling.

I don't recommend that you use these without consulting a dermatologist. You have to seek  a professional's help to know what suits your skin best. 

There you have it Lovelies! I hope this post helps. 


I will have a separate post for my at home face mask I have told you. And an eye cream that works to relieve my puffy eyes. ;)


  1. Hi Anna! I assume your derma is from Flawless? How much are those products and how much is the consultation fee? If u don't mind me asking... I'm using Retisol-A topically, which has tetrinoin (a retinoid). Is it the same as the Retinoic Acid? Thanks sweetheart

    1. Hello Sheila! Yes they have an in-house dermatologist. Although I can't remember how the consultation fee is. Thinking the whole set is less than 2000php. Really cheap right? And tretinoin is the same as retinoic acid acid, just google it to make sure it really is. haha hope this helps! ;)

    2. Gosh! I'm really sleepy. Please excuse the typos. :l

  2. molto interessante!
    se ti va passa da me che c'è un nuovo post!

  3. Hi Ms Anna, I would like to know if Forever Flawless just recommended these products upon your consultation or did you also tried their facials?

    1. Hi xxx! I have tried their facials 2 years ago and I can't remeber what kind of facials I had back then. haha Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  4. Hello Miss Anna! I'd like to know if Flawless sells these products even without consultation?

  5. hello miss Anna! tanong ko lng po.. how do you apply the Flawless White Plus Cream? manipis lng po ba o liberally? thankyou :))

  6. Hi! Do you still need consultation para mabigay nila sa iyo ung mga product na ito?