Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bidding Goodbye

Today, I am bidding my car goodbye. 

Although, the buyer will just check my car out and see if he/she likes it (if not, another agent will still try to sell my car). Still, it feels odd. Really odd. I had my supposed-to-be last moments with my car (which I had for 4 years) this morning. I have to make sure I get all my stuff out before the potential inspection. It may not go home with me anymore today. I also took a picture of it as a remembrance so I am (half) ready for its adoption.

I am letting it go for good. For more parking space in our garage for a car that will surely come in the next few days (which is my Father's). I may or may not buy a new car which will depend on my father's decision. I can have one of our cars anyway. But it is different with this car. I really like it so much because I chose it for myself over something pricier my father wants for me. 

I just hope the new owner will love it as I did. 

After gathering all of my stuff from my car, I headed to our pond to recollect myself. We have a small pond surrounding our gazebo which is a home to some of the father's beloved Kois. They are so lively and always hungry. Looking at them, I feel relaxed. I feel less of the odd feeling I have. 

Now, I know why my father loves his Kois so much other than the belief that these brings luck and wealth to those who takes care of it. After work, this is where he stays. 

They grow rapidly and the big ones are almost the size of my legs. Well it may be because I have chicken legs. haha 

Lovelies, do you feel relaxed with the presence of your house pets? 



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Raych! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate it! :D

  2. I've always wondered what it's like having Kois as pets. :) And yes, I do feel relaxed whenever I'm around my cats and dogs - feels like they understand where I'm coming from all the time.


    1. Hi Melissa! I have the same feeling as we had the Kois for the first time. I am a dog person but my father totally hates dogs. haha Thanks for dropping by blog! :)

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