Monday, July 30, 2012

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

As I have told you from previous blog posts, I am in a BB Cream phase right now. I am trying my best to stay away from foundations because I am healing my skin. And so far so good! Have not had a single breakout since I started to wear BB creams. Of course, I cannot tell that this is entirely the result of using BB's because I too have new skincare routine that I adhere to religiously (Retinol based skincare products). 

Tried various BB's and this one caught my attention. This BB Cream is from a brand that isn't as known as Etude House, The Face Shop or Skinfood in the Philippines. But its also a Korean brand, LIOELE Cosmetics which stands for LIfe Of ELegance Ease (crossed fingers, wishing the information are correct). 

Presenting my newfound BB love... hahaha

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream (50ml); 1,150php
At the back (can't read Korean!)

Been seeing this BB from Youtube Beauty Gurus and beauty bloggers. I thought I can only purchase them abroad. But from Facebook, I learned LIOELE has a Philippine distributor already. And they have an online shop unlike Etude House or The Face Shop. They're just starting out here so they have few physical shops as of now.

Comes in a plastic tube with a pump dispenser. I like this kind of packaging! Its not as messy as not having a pump to dispense the product out. You also don't have to carefully pump as it doesn't dispense so much or so little of the product.

Pump dispenser with plastic cap

On to the cream itself... It claims to whiten the skin and take care of wrinkles. I am not sure about this. I have not used it for a longer period (this is a review from my 2 weeks of using the product). What I have notice, it makes my skin look younger than it is. May be because of its dewy finish. 

It has a high SPF index so if you know you have to take pictures of yourself that day, skip this BB. Products with high SPF can make you look like a ghost in photos (specially the ones taken at night with not enough lighting and harsh flash exposure). 

Consistency wise, this is not thick or rather too runny. It is easy to blend and doesn't settle that much on my fine lines. I have an only skin but I did not encounter any problem with regards to retouching my makeup. I do have to blot 2-3 times the whole day. That is just fair enough considering BB creams don't have the capacity to control oil.

Another thing that makes me wanna use it everyday, its makes my skin feel really soft. At night after I remove the cream off my face with a wet makeup removing tissue, I can't stop touching my face. hahaha It feels smooth. I think highly of the hyaluronic acid and yogurt in the BB cream for this after effect. haha

Smells like a light perfume to me. Not too overpowering of a smell. 

Blending Test

(1) Dispensed sample
(2) Slightly blended sample
(3) Well blended sample

Coverage Test

Will try to cover the marking  with the Lioele BB Cream (star marking created with a liquid liner)

Slightly covered marking (Sheer to Medium Coverage)

Comparison with other Korean BB Creams

BB Creams from different Korean brands

Let's compare the swatches...

1 - Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

     SPF30 PA++
     (Universal Shade)
- Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream
     (Universal Shade)
3 - Lioele Water Drop BB Cream
     SPF27 PA++
     (Universal Shade)
4 - Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions BB Cream
     SPF50+ PA+++
     (Universal Shade)
5 - Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions BB Cream
     SPF25 PA++
     (Universal Shade)
6 - Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
     SPF30 PA++
     (Shade No.2)
7 - Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
     SPF50+ PA+++
     (Shade No.2 or W13)
8 - Tony Moly Baby Doll Foundation
     (Shade No.2)

From the swatch, you can see the Lioele Triple the Solution is in the middle rangle of shades. Its almost neutral but leans a tiny bit to the pinkier side if you'll take a closer look. I know we are all looking for something with the yellow undertone in it (speaking for Filipina girls with medium skin like mine). But don't get sucked into that notion! Sometimes, too much yellow undertone in a product can make as look gray, the opposite of being brightened (from a MAC makeup artist I have talked with). I didn't know that before!  Now, I safely pick the ones from the neutral range. haha

My least favorite from the BB creams above is the Tony Moly one. Their shading is way tooooo dark for my medium skin. Thats the middle shade they have! I mostly get the mid shade if an item has three shades. But isn't that Tony Moly one too dark for being the mid shade? Although, its the cheapest for 398php. I'll have to look further into the lightest shade and see if it fits me. 

So this wraps up my review for my BB love. haha

If you want to purchase this online:

What is your favorite BB cream?



  1. very nice review sis,but please tell us where did u purchase it online? Thanks sis.

    1. Sorry Chel! Will update the post and indicate the website. :)

  2. yey! Thanks sis, stay pretty :)

  3. Hi Anna! I have EnCara BB Cream and I think you should try it! :) it is very blendable and affordable as well. I have a review on it here:

  4. Hii, I have a question! Do you think the Lioele triple the solution would be good for someone with nw15 skin? If not, would you recommend the skin79? i'm having a hard time choosing which one will match my skin. xx

    1. Hi Veronica Lynne! Its a perfect shade for someone whose an NC20 but I think it'll be just right for your NW15 skin. Thanks for dropping by my blog! ;)

  5. Hello! I have tried the Magic BB cream of Etude House and Sun BB Cream, also from Etude House. Yes, they are good to my skin, they're not causing my skin to have any single zit. But the problem is, they're both looks gray when they're blended onto my skin. Do you know some BB cream that has no gray undertone? Because it's making me look like a sick person. My skintone is, I think I'm two tones darker than you.

    1. haha Hi Tiffany! Yes that's mostly my problem with BB Creams too! You're not alone. Maybe you can try The Precious Mineral BB Cream in No3 or the Orange Super BB. They lean towards the yellow side. Thank you for dropping by my blog! :)

  6. Heya!
    What's the difference between the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream and Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream???
    Thanks :)))

  7. Ano po bng mganda for oily and mtakpan ung pimplescars?sana ung affordable lng

  8. thanks for the amazing review.. can you suggest me which of these or any other korean bb cream would suit my skin tone?
    mine is MAC NC45.
    I am an Indian.
    Awaiting your response. :)