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Favorite Face Brushes

Makeup Brushes are truly an investment. Having nice makeup products but not applying them properly with the right tools is just the same as using crappy ones. You're not gonna make use of the product's full capability by doing that. Sometimes, the products also pick the right brushes that will apply them well. You just have to dig into it!

Get the quality ones! If you get them and take care of them like you should, your money goes a looooooooooooooong way.  They will last you years and will make application MUCH easier for you. Quality ones doesn't mean the expensive ones. There are also some out there from the drugstore that works better than the high end. ;)

Here are some of the ones I find worth investing on...

Sigma Flat Top Kabuki - F80, $16
I use this brush for foundation application. Before, I only use this to apply liquid foundations but then I went ahead and tried them on powder ones. It still applies evenly! This made me so happy. haha I feel like I can apply my foundation without looking at the mirror just by using this brush. Much to my adoration of this brush, I purchased another one because I don't like cleaning my brushes often. And of course, from time to time I switch to a different foundation. I don't like to use the same brush for I when I grab a different foundation. It just doesn't feel right (the OC me kicks in). haha

Sigma Round Top Kabuki - F82, $16
This has the same use for me, foundation application. Except that this doesn't work all the same for powder ones. Tried using this but it caked my powder foundation, its density might be the culprit. I grab on to this if my F80's are dirty or if I will apply my Estee Lauder Stay-in-Place Liquid Foundation. That full coverage foundation is super thick I need to use a denser brush to press it onto my skin better.

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki - F84, $16
Again for applying foundation. I feel like this brush allows me to manuever all over my face with ease compared to the flat top and round top variants. Thanks to the angled brush tip! You just have to check how even you applied your foundation. Because it is angled, it allows you to apply with varying pressure thus resulting to uneven application.

Here is a brush comparison of the 3 Sigma Synthetic Brushes...

T-B: Angled Top, Flat Top & Round Top
L-R: Flat Top, Rounnd Top & Angled Top
There's also this Tapered Kabuki Brush made from the same materials as these Brushes are but I didn't get it. Don't know where I can use it! See it for yourself and please tell me, haha

Yes, they're dirty! haha Didn't bother to wash them just for the sake of the shoot.  These brushes may be good but they're A PAIN TO WASH. Super dense brushes! That's the only downside. 

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush, $42
Made from 2 types of brush hair (synthetic and natural hair) hence the name duo fibre. When it first came out, many used it for the Stippling application technique. They say stippling your foundation will give you an airbrushed finish. Never used that technique since I'm always in a complete hurry on mornings. haha But I found a great use for this. When I encounter super pigmented blushes, I apply them with this brush because I can control how much I put on my face. For example, my NARS Powder Blush in Desire or NARS Gaiety. They are both super pigmented that when you try to apply them with an ordinary blush brush much like the MAC 129, you'll likely end up with a punched-on-the-face look. Get it? haha

MAC 129 Blush Brush, $34
This is your perfect blush brush! I have a fairly small face and yet this applies blush perfectly on my apples. Problem with other blush brushes is that they tend to go out of the area where you must apply the blush. Going over that area, it will make your cheeks look bigger.

Can you see those tiny dots on the metal thingy that connects the hair and the brush handle? Got those from washing and not wiping the steel part. They developed over time. Remember to squeeze the excess water form the hair and wipe the body clean after washing. :)

ELF Powder Brush, below 300php

I use this brush for applying setting powders. After applying my liquid foundation, I need to set it with a powder because I have such an oily skin. This brush is dense yet soft. Purchased two of this! :)

Mine shed some hair for the first time while washing them. But it'll stop on your second washing!

***sorry, I forgot to take an individual picture of this one! :D

Marionnaud No.32 Blush Brush, below 200php (perhaps, >.<)
A great brush for contouring the face!  I know the name suggests that its meant for applying blushes but I find that this applies my contour precisely and blends them in really well. I bought mine from Watson's for a fairly cheap price and it works wonders in toning down my pretty prominent jaws and cheekbones. Have two of this! Like the ELF one, you can also get this from Watsons. :)

THAT'S IT! Some other time, I'll post my fave eye brushes. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you soon on my future blog posts. haha



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  1. Your brushes are so adorable! :) AS a reader I would love to get a brush set or either a palette. :)