Monday, April 15, 2013

Meeting JLovesMac1


If you are reading this blog, chances are you might be one of the girls who also watches Youtube videos of Beauty Gurus... Are you a subbie of JLovesMac1

Well I just want to share my experience on her Meet & Greet last April 1, 2013 at the Guess Store in New Glorietta. 

I am very lucky to meet one of my fave Beauty Gurus and she is a Filipina too!  She's here for a vacation/reunion with her family after 14 years of being in the US. Jarmaine Santiago also known as 'JLovesMac1' in the Youtube beauty community is very different from her virtual alter ego. She seems very shy but not snob! Looks better in personal and I adore her tanned skin which she got from her stay in Boracay. She entertained everyone during the event given a limited time (her flight back home is later that evening). I say about little less than a hundred came? Not entirely sure though. 

I am a subscriber of her channel for years now and I really enjoy watching her videos. She's not your ordinary Beauty Guru! She also airs advice videos. And her sense of humor is remarkable which makes  her not boring to watch.

Thank you Jarmaine for giving some of your time to your Pinay subbies! More power and remain down to earth as you already are!

Photo Credit: Regrammed from Kate's IG.

This is also a shoutout to Kate who I met during the event. She was my companion throughout the meet & greet. And she was very kind to take a picture for me because my phone's battery is about to die that time. We exchanged numbers and since then we followed each other back thru our IG accounts. haha Thank you Kate! :D  


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