Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Visit at American Eagle Outfitters

Hi Lovelies! 

I haven't posted in months. But I am working on some posts to get back into the blogging scheme. Meanwhile, let me share with you my first visit in American Eagle Outfitters.

So American Eagle Outfitters opened its flagship store at Bonifacio High Street Global City last March 1, 2013. Never had the chance to visit but sure enough I didn't plan to visit on its opening day. 'Twas a good decision though. I have read that there was a runway show and many celebrities were there. Shay Mitchell who stars in the series Pretty Little Liars was also there. Packed as heck, right? 

But I had the time to visit yesterday. We'll actually I just sneaked it in after bringing my little cousins to play at Active Fun across the AE Store. I spent prolly 30 minutes trying to find some pieces to wear for an upcoming trip in a month's time. I don't have my SLR with me so I am popping photos I uploaded on my IG account. Sorry for the low res. :(

One bag for my purchases.

Luckily I IGed some photos while I was in the fitting room... haha

Knit Sweater, 2,499PhP

Can you see the lit button just above my shoulders? I think all fittings rooms should have that feature. If you need something from the SA, just press the button. No need to go out of the room! :) 

Tank Top, 999PhP and Shorts (don't know the price, didn't get it! haha)

Out of all the things I got, this one is my favorite. They call it a Festival Shortie and of course I am in the size 00 (smallest). that's how petite I am. :(

Festival Shortie, 2,499PhP

I also got some other stuff but I didn't take a photo of them. They also have Aerie which showcases their lingerie line in a portion of the store. From what I know, they have another floor for men. I think the store's worth a visit!

Have you visited the AE Store, Lovelies?


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  1. so pretty!! you look really chic and stylish on the clothes ^_~