Friday, June 15, 2012


Hi Lovelies!

I LOVE MAKEUP. (Actually, that is an understatement! haha)

And because of that love, I kind of accumulated a collection in a few years. Makeup is one of my major splurges aside from bags. I have started collecting since the end of 2009. It started when I saw my younger sister watching Youtube videos about makeup. I got  hooked on watching them too and of course, I had the urge to purchase those 'holy grails' and 'raved' products. haha I have tried finding the guilt of buying more than what I need and I found none. That's how an impulsive shopper I am!

At first, I was into MAC. I can still remember my first time visiting a MAC counter in Glorietta. I was really shy to ask what shade I am in a certain foundation. I was intimidated because the SA may have known from my reactions that it was my first time at MAC. Looking back, it makes me smile because I know I have gone a long way from that first visit. My collection grew and it isn't only limited to MAC. haha

After some years, I had braced myself from buying too much. It's not healthy anymore. >.< I am also now open to local brands because gladly, there are now Filipina gurus on Youtube. And it also implies that I can buy makeup from a lower price range. ;) Don't get me wrong, I also use local products provided that they really work. I'm a bit choosy when it comes to what I put on my face because I have an acne-prone skin.

As my opening post, I am having a Blog Sale. I recently started sorting my small collection and found some things that I haven't touched in a while. Some I did throw away because they were already expired. >.< But some still have their shelf life. I don't want them to go to waste so here I am sharing them with you lovelies.

Enough of my blabbering, let's have the BLOG SALE. Hope you find some things interesting! 

Most of the items are just swatched personally. I am not a makeup artist so I dont use these stuff on other people. Neither do I let others try it on their skin (especially for lipsticks) because I am that freak when it comes to hygienic makeup use. ;) If you are not into used makeup, please X your way out. haha I am not sure about the store price of these products so please do research on them. :)


Lancome Teint Miracle in O-04 30ml
95% New

Original Price: 2,200php
Blog Sale Price: 1,499php

Revlon Age Defying in 15 Tender Beige 30ml
98% New

Original Price: around 600php
Blog Sale Price: 350php

Make Up Forever HD Foundation in 135
90% New

Original Price: can't remember
Blog Sale Price: 999php

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Medium Ivory 35ml
95% New

Original Price: 1,900php++
Blog Sale Price: 1,099php

Nichido Powder Plus Foundation in Light Natural (with Pouch) 12g
98% New

Original Price: 150-300php? haha
Blog Sale Price: 150

MAC Studio Sculpt in NC30 40ml
95% New

Original Price: 1,850php (not so sure! haha)
Blog Sale Price: 999php

Nichido Two Way Cake in Natural 12g
98% New

Original Price: 150php
Blog Sale Price: 75php


MAC Select Sheer in NC20 8g
85% New

Original Price: 1,100php
Blog Sale Price: 499php

Laura Mercier Loose Setting in Beige 29g
90% new

Original Price: 1,500php
Blog Sale Price: 799php


MAC Pro Longwear in NC20
95% New with Box

Original Price: 1000php
Blog Sale Price: 700php


Benefit Bad Gal Lash in Black 8.5g
New with Box

Original Price: 1,100php
Blog Sale Price: 850php


Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Coy 5g
90% New

Original Price: 600php
Blog Sale Price: 300php

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Luminous Blush in N01 Original Rose 4g
80% New

Original Price: can't remember! haha
Blog Sale Price: 75php

MAC Limited Edition Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl (from Give Me Liberty Collection) 10g
95% New

Original Price: 1,200php
Blog Sale Price: 1,099php


Left to Right:

MAC Dream (Glaze)
95% New

MAC Creme De La Femme (Frost)
95% New

MAC Phlox (Glaze)
95% New

MAC Pretty Please (Lustre)
95% New

Original Price: 950php 
Blog Sale Price: 550php


NYX For Your Eyes Only in Sexy Blue Eyes 14g
80% New

Original Price: 400php
Blog Sale Price: 200php

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in The Runway Collection 14g
85% New

Original Price: 400php
Blog Sale Price: 200php


Origins VitaZing SPF15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer 50ml
85% New

Original Price:1,500php
Blog Sale Price: 800php

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer 25g
95% New

Original Price: 798php
Blog Sale Price: 398php

If there is anything you want from these items, please send me an email at or better yet send me a PM on my Facebook Page (The Makeup Suite) for faster transactions. I will also entertain your questions so feel free to email or PM me. haha

So much for my first official Blog Post. Thank you for visiting my blog. May God Bless you! 

Anna <3 


I am planning to do giveaways soon. ;)


  1. MAC Pro Long Wear concealer reserved by Ms.DMFM (3days reservation only)

  2. MUFE HD Foundation and MA Studio Sculpt reserved by Ms.AR.

  3. MAC Phlox and NYX Runway Palette reserved for Ms. HAD.

  4. MAC Dream and MAC Creme de la Femme reserved by Ms.GM.

  5. NYX Sexy Blue Eyes Palette, Maybelline Mineral Blusha and Nichido Two Way Cake reserved by Ms.JF.

  6. MAC Pretty Please reserved for Ms.MCS.

  7. Revlon Age defying reserved by Ms. KV.

    MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer available again. :)

    - Lancome Teint Miracle
    - MUFE HD Foundation
    - MAC Studio Sculpt
    - Nichido Two Way Cake
    - MAC Loose Powder
    - Laura Mercier Loose Powder
    - Maybelline Mineral Blush
    - MAC Lipstick Dream
    - MAC Lipstick Creme De La Femme
    - MAC Lipstick Phlox
    - Nyx Sexy Blue Eyes Palette
    - Nyx Runway Palette

    Thank you Lovelies for supporting my Blog Sale and first official Blog Post. <3

  9. what are the available items? it the revlon foundation light ?:)

    1. Hi Dear! Revlon Foundation is already sold. :)

  10. i'll get mac pretty please if it's available :) please let me know :)

  11. Hi! Is the Nichido Powder Plus Foundation in Light Natural still avail?

  12. Are these items still available ?